Monday, August 2, 2010

Abby’s officially done with kindergarten.  Phew.  The last handful of math lessons never got done, but they were odd lessons that didn’t seem to really fit in anywhere.  So Abby will start first grade in September and I need to order all our curriculums.  I mailed in Abby’s IHIP and application for a student metrocard today. 

We’ll be celebrating Abby’s birthday with family down in Maryland this year.  Abby and I have been planning her birthday cake for a month now.  She wants a Storm cake.  Storm is an X-Men character.  Scott gave Abby all his old comic books months ago, and she’s fallen in love with Storm.  We ordered a Storm action figure to go on top.  I think using freeze-dried blueberries will make a blue-ish purple-ish icing for the base and then  freeze-dried mangoes to make yellow icing for lightening bolts.  I hope it looks cool.  But honestly, I think all Abby will care about is eating the cake and the fact it has a toy on top.  :)

Today has been a strange day for Vera.  We had a very bumpy morning.  It felt like one whole long tantrum.  (The guy downstairs just had new roommates move in, and I’m sure they want to move back out after today.) Nothing I did was right.  Everything Abby did or said made her mad.  Vera couldn’t find this and that wasn’t working right.  So frustrating!  And to top it all off Vera kept saying her tummy hurt.  I can never tell if her tummy really is sick or if she’s saying it because she’s upset or nervous about something.  Once lunch hit, it seemed we found our groove and she was fine.  I packed a bag for the park and we had an errand to run.  We get to the park and Vera says she has to pee.  I do our normal peeing at the park thing, only she suddenly gets a case of pee shyness.  Needless to say she peed in her pants.  I had a change of clothes.  Ten minutes later she says she has to poo.  We hike back up to the toilet, and she gets a case of poo shyness.  (Though Vera is very picky about pooping in public spaces, so I wasn’t surprised)  Though she did poop a bit in her pants.  The first time in over a year and a half, I think.  I can’t remember the last time she pooped in her pants.  I’d have to check my EC blog archive.  So we packed up and went back home.  Vera said she was tired and kept saying she wanted to poo at home, and I told her to relax and close her eyes.  She ended up falling asleep until we got home and then she didn’t have to poo anymore.  This was a long winded story about poop, but my point is, I think she might have a slight upset tummy.

Abby is starting to really get comfortable on her bike.  I’m not confident taking her off the block yet.  She gets nervous having to go around people on the sidewalk.  She’s getting there though!  At least she can now start herself and brake without issue.  Vera is starting to use her trike on her own.  It kills my back to have to bend down and pull her up and down the block.    

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