Monday, August 23, 2010

Our trip down to Maryland was a much needed break from the city.  We slid down a 100 year old wooden slide, listened to folk music in a church turned cafe, swam in an indoor water park, and rode the rides and won three goldfish at the Howard County Fair.  Good times.  Oh yeah, and I found out I am pregnant.

Baby three is due mid April.  April 15th or 16th.  Scott spilled the beans to everyone as soon as I told him the test was positive.  I wish he would have waited until I at least heard the baby's heartbeat, and the first trimester was safely behind us, but what's done is done.  I didn't really think we were going to have another, but here we are.  Scott is swinging from the rafters happy and over joyed.  I'm the one who freaked out.

Three kids.  Three kids in Brooklyn.  I grew up in a family of two kids.  I have no idea how a family with three kids operates.  Scott does though.  He's got two other siblings.  I'm slowly adjusting to the idea of a third one.  I don't panic as much every time I think of more diapers, more groceries, more laundry, more EVERY THING.

This pregnancy has been a whopper from the start and totally different from my first two.  Today is the first day I feel somewhat normal.  I'm more tired when I wake up in the morning than when I went to bed.  I'm constantly nauseous.  All the time.  I've been drinking bottles of Reed's Ginger brew to help, but nothing seems to settle my tummy.  I wish I would just throw up and then I'd at least feel better for an hour or so.  And the cramps!  Those have almost passed. They come and go.  But at first, they would take my breath away.  I can't wait for October when I'll be in my second trimester and hopefully all this will be behind me.  Scott thinks the baby is a boy and that's why I'm having such a rough time.  We'll see.

We told the girls.  No point in waiting when all the world knows.  Abby is excited.  She can't wait to diaper and help ec the new little one.  Vera seems to have no clue or she just doesn't care.  I've started operation nurse reduce.  I know I'm not going to have the energy to tandem.  I barely have the energy to nurse now.  So I've stopped offering to nurse. I wait for Vera to ask.  I feel like it's cut back a bit.  I'm not messing with night weaning until January.  In January, the girls are getting bunk beds and Vera moves into Abby's room with her.  Ideally, I'd like Vera to be where Abby was when Vera was born.  I'd like Vera to be sleeping most of the night in her own bed and weaned by the time this baby comes.  Worst case scenario I'm nursing two kids and there's two kids in my bed and Scott has to sleep on the bottom bunk in Abby's room.

Abby can't wait to start ice skating again, and there's no way my pregnant butt is going out on the ice.  I need to figure out a way for her to go weekly to the rink.  Maybe I can get Scott to take them on the weekends or there can be one day where he gets home early from work to take her in the evening or maybe a friend would be willing to let her tag along.  She loves ice skating and talks about it constantly and I don't want her to miss a season because I'm pregnant.  Then I think about the following winter and I'll still have a tiny baby with me.  So really I need to figure out two winters, possibly three.  Vera started ice skating a month before she turned two.  Then there's ballet.  I got to figure out what I am doing about ballet.  That's another thing she keeps asking about.  Abby has been talking about how she wants to be an Olympic ice skater.  Why not swimming?! Something that's cheaper and easier to drag three kids to?!  Oh yeah, and she STILL asks when she's going to learn how to play the violin.  Whenever money starts growing on trees.



Jennifer said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing!

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! I hope that your pregnancy gets better so that you can enjoy it more!

Jac said...

Holy Macaroni!!! Congrats girlfriend - that's super exciting :)

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!