Sunday, September 19, 2010

What we have in store for this week:  Snakes, Nomads, Math lessons 10 to 14, Grammer lessons 7 to 11, Bob Books, and Geography lessons 2 to 6.

Baby number three kicked my butt on Saturday.  I felt like a zombie all day.  I still went to work and came home and took over the watching the girls during the block party.  We all went to bed late because of the block party and then I woke up because of loud voices around 1:30am.  The next door neighbors were still partying.  Scott closed the windows and turned the fans on, but I could still hear them.  My head was pounding and I couldn't sleep even though I was desperately tired.  Finally, I went downstairs and gave them a piece of my mind.  I'm not one for confrontations, so I was nicer than I should have been.  At least they shut up.  What I don't get is why they insist on hanging out on the front stoop when they have access to the back yard!  No one in the houses surrounding them sleeps in the back rooms!  Scott said I should have called the police since they were smoking pot and it would have been hilarious to see them get busted, but I'm too nice.

All the cleaning I did on Friday was completely undone on Saturday.  It was a war zone when I got home.  Good grief.

The girls had a blast at the block party.  They spent all day outside.  There were games, crafts, face painting and a talent show.  Abby literally rode her bike in the street until it was too dark to see.  There was a raffle and the prizes were six baskets filled with toys.  Three for the girls and three for the boys.  Vera noticed early on in the day that there was a doll and a doll stroller in one of the baskets.  All day she asked to play with the stroller.  Scott kept telling her they were presents for a kid.  When I got home, Vera kept asking me to get her the stroller and baby doll.  Oy.  Then the raffle came late in the evening.  I think it was after 9pm.  Abby was asked to pick a winning ticket out of the bag, and whose ticket did she pull out?  Vera's.  It was fate.  Vera could care less about the other toys in the basket.  All she wanted was that damn stroller and doll.  Which was fine, because Abby was a bit jealous that Vera won a basket and Vera gave her all the rest of the stuff in it.

Lastly, it's Metro Minis Third Anniversary.  This whole week there's going to be raffles and tons of fun stuff to do.  Plus, some great shopping.  :)  And don't forget to admire the new set up!  The store looks wonderful!

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