Friday, October 1, 2010

After I freaked out about the insurance, Scott finally contacted his hr about open enrollment.  It’s next week, and it’s the same damn insurance they were offering before.  They had told him months ago that they were going to switch plans to something more affordable, which is why we decided to forgo insurance.  They’re idiots.  So we have to use it.  Lean lean times are ahead, and the only place to cut back is in the grocery bill.  I swear this insurance better cover the birth a hundred percent.

This pregnancy has me freaking out every so often.  Scott said this is the most negative I have ever been.  I’m more upset or I’m more easily upset over so many things.  The state of the house (it’s in disarray), Scott’s insane hours, the health insurance, I feel tired and worn down, and I think I need to breathe.  There’s also a lot of worry from family that then makes me feel guilty, and that itself is a vicious cycle.

I think I see my midwife next week.  I really want to hear this little one’s heart beat.

Abby is LOVING Hip Hop.  It’s a huge class with 15 kids.  It’s also the first time Abby actually comes out of class and tells me what went on and what she learned.  Again, she adores her teachers.  I’m glad she’s happy.  It’s worth the trek to Astor Place twice a week.

We’re charging through first grade.  The math is still so easy for Abby, it makes the rest of the lessons go smoothly.  Both of us are enjoying Story of The World.  We learned about the Nile and Upper and Lower Egypt.  Abby was fascinated by the pharaohs and gods of Egypt.  I’ve given up on OPGTR.  Abby and I were having too many struggles and it wasn’t worth it.  I went back to Bob Books.  She finished the first box pretty quickly.  I really like how thorough OPGTR is.  Arg.  Anyways, Abby’s reading the Bob Books without too much struggling. 

Vera’s artwork has exploded.  Her control over a pencil is incredible.  She can draw animals!  Vera was never a kid to just scribble.  She’s always made these very controlled little circles or lines from the first time she picked up a pencil.  If she’s not drawing people or animals, she’s making the letter T over and over.  The other day I had left Abby’s handwriting book on the table for Abby to work on.  I come back into the room expecting Abby to be sitting working, and Abby had instead told Vera to do the work for her.  So there’s Vera intently trying to trace letters.  I had an alphabet and handwriting workbook from ages ago that Abby never had any interest in, so I gave it to Vera to work on while Abby and I do lessons.  Vera can easily draw and color for an hour.   

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Amy D. said...

I might have to check out The Story of the World. Do you have the activity book too? I think that kids often get to a certain point in reading that they don't want structured lessons any more. I think everything else can be learned by simply practicing, and guided reading.