Friday, October 29, 2010

I finally felt the first baby flutters the other day.  :)  I’m about 16 weeks now.  Scott and I decided to do the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  Hopefully, we’ll find out the gender then.  I want to know this time, and I’m excited to find out. 

Abby has one more month of lessons left before we go on break for December.  The math drill sheets have become a struggle, so we’ve compromised.  Abby has a choice between the sheets or the flash cards, but one or the other has to be done with the math lesson.  This program constantly repeats and drills so that simple math becomes second nature by the time upper level math hits.  I know those drill sheets can get boring, but when Abby doesn’t whine and complain about them, it takes her two minutes to finish.  She very rarely makes mistakes with the drill sheets.  Then there’s reading.  I’ve totally backed off.  This is my hang up.  It frustrates me to no end that she refuses to read.  Out right refuses.  The thing that really gets me is that she KNOWS a good bunch of words, and could easily read any Bob Book from the first box.  I got this flip a word book from the library and the three of us were on the couch goofing around and I jokingly said who knows this word?  Abby read the word, and then I got her to read the rest of the book that way.   

Anyways, Vera’s still hanging on to her morning ritual of watching tv in the morning.  The tv has totally become her morning cup of coffee.  When I’ve tried to distract her to keep her from asking for tv, the whole morning and most of the day blows up in my face.  It’s tantrum after tantrum.  So she’s still watching a show with her breakfast every morning.  Abby could care less about tv.  She would rather watch a movie, eat popcorn and snuggle with someone on the couch.  My Vera and her Shaun the Sheep and Madeline.  Speaking of movies, Abby and I watched The Secret of Kells.  The animation was amazing.  Both of us were riveted.

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