Friday, November 19, 2010

I had my prenatal this morning. I'm 18 weeks and baby sounds wonderful. Scott was able to be home and he got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Two more weeks and I'll be half way through this pregnancy. It's going by way too fast.

Abby and I kept arguing today. I'm talking a real argument where both of us started to raise our voices. After a minute or so, I realized we were arguing and asked Abby why. She said she didn't know and I said I didn't know and we really shouldn't act this way. I know I have less patience right now and Abby gets annoyed with my fatigue and crankiness. Anyways, we both agreed to make an effort to not raise our voices at each other.

Seriously, weaning Vera has gone out the window. Yesterday, she asked to nurse while we were out of the house! Her nursing has increased so much this past week. I really have to try hard to distract her, or she'll completely break down. Any kind of limiting from me gets her all worked up. We need to get back to just nursing before bed and mornings.

I got all three car seats into the bedroom closet! It was a feat, but there's lots more room in the dinning room now. Scott and I would like to get a boyfriend for Marge, and they will both need to be penned in different pens for a bit. The only place two pens will fit is the dinning room. The girls and I are going down to Maryland the week before New Year's, so we're looking to adopt another bun when we get back. I feel if we do it now and then Scott is left home alone with two buns trying to be friends and his crazy hours, it could all blow up.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

One Tooth Less!

I have to type this on my Epic since a tree fell over in our backyard and knocked out all the phone and cable lines.
Abby had her tooth pulled today. It was heartwrenching to watch. She got gas first, then a topical numbing agent, then the novocain. Abby felt nothing. The gas didn't make her loopy at all. It made her really really sleepy. The hardest part for me to watch was after the tooth was out, the dentist cleaned out the great big hole where the tooth had been. The infection was still there like I had suspected, and once the tooth was out it drained. The bump on top is now gone.
Afterwards, Abby had to ride the subway home from Grand Central to Sunset Park, which is a pretty long trip. Abby was still high from the gas and walking to the subway, she stopped and started crying. She was convinced everyone was staring at the cotton hanging out of her mouth. I told her all anybody sees is a brave girl who just lost her first tooth. Abby kept her hoodie over her head the whole ride. The next biggest issue was eating and drinking. First Abby had to take the cotton out of her mouth, but she was afraid blood would gush out. I had to promise her nothing would happen. The poor thing was starving. She didn't eat from 12:30 to about 6:30. A long time for her. I got her to eat a popsicle, and she instantly felt better.
Scott got her the first book in The Spiderwick series as a gift from the tooth fairy.
And before I forget, Abby said the tooth next to the one that was pulled is loose. It doesn't surprise me. The dentist said her teeth should start falling out now that there's room in her mouth.
I'm glad this is all over. :)
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I’m in that second trimester lull.  I’m super tired but not sick!  There is a lingering of food aversion, but it’s slight and I can tough it out. 

On the weaning front, I’ve hit a wall.  Vera is going through one of her crying cycles, which makes any kind of nursing limits virtually impossible.  Notice how she has these bouts of crying during fall and winter?  I felt like summer went by too fast with no terrible Vera issues.  Anyways, my boobs hurt.  Nursing is painful those first few seconds.  Night weaning is actually going ok.  Vera nurses very quickly to sleep and the majority of the nights she doesn’t nurse at all until morning.  There have been several nights in a row where Vera has woken crying and needs to nurse back to sleep.  But our biggest issue is getting through this cycle whole.

On Halloween, Abby woke up and her right side of her face was swollen.  It looked like someone had hit her upside the face with a two by four.  I was so unprepared for it, I yelled Holy Shit, and ran to get my phone to call Scott who was at work.  Abby’s lip was the most swollen and when I looked in her mouth there was a huge abscess about the top right front tooth.  The same tooth that has been nothing but trouble since she was 18 months old and has been loose for over half a year.  She wasn’t in too much pain, and I’m sure she had a low grade fever (Abby refused to let me take her temperature and since she wasn’t burning up, I let it pass.)  I gave her some ice packs and by mid day, the swelling had gone down in her face.  The lip was still swollen and the abscess was still there, but at least she didn’t look beat up.  Turns out the poor thing got an infection in the gum surrounding the loose tooth.  Abby just finished a round of antibiotics and on Monday the tooth gets pulled.  There’s still redness and very slight swelling around that tooth and that concerns me.  It could be the adult tooth pushing down, but I have a gut feeling the infection is not completely gone.  The dentist said her mouth is so small and her teeth so close together that it’s making it hard for the baby teeth to loosen and fall out.  It’s like the baby teeth are all holding on together.  That top tooth should have fallen out months ago.  Abby also has another loose tooth on the bottom that’s been loose for several months and has yet to fall out.  You can feel her teeth scraping each other when you wiggle them.  How the hell are her adult teeth going to fit in her mouth??  So we’ll see how Monday goes.  It should be super quick and easy.

My mother and step father came up to NYC last weekend.  They drove up and I was finally able to prove to my mom that it really is a straight easy drive to Brooklyn.  It was a nice visit, but super short.  Now that my mom knows it’s an easy drive, maybe she’ll visit more.  ;)       

After the holidays, I need to start getting all the baby stuff together.  I like thinking about what we’ll need and what we have, etc.  Scott said we’ll need another dresser and he’s right.  It didn’t even dawn on me that we have no where to put baby clothes and diapers.  I’m hoping this baby is as easy to ec as Vera was.  I love how Scott loves ec too.  And I can’t wait to wrap a newborn again.  Scott wants to get himself a new Babyhawk, and I might have to get a new Didy just because. :)  Is it just Scott and I, or do other people go through carriers super fast?  Mei Tais get used and abused in our house.  Maybe it’s because we use them every freakin’ day multiple times. 

Oh yeah, and holiday shopping.  Abby really wants an American Girl doll and Vera wants a Bitty Baby.  I’m kind of on the fence about it.  I’d really like to get Abby and Vera something that has a bit more play value to it.