Friday, November 19, 2010

I had my prenatal this morning. I'm 18 weeks and baby sounds wonderful. Scott was able to be home and he got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Two more weeks and I'll be half way through this pregnancy. It's going by way too fast.

Abby and I kept arguing today. I'm talking a real argument where both of us started to raise our voices. After a minute or so, I realized we were arguing and asked Abby why. She said she didn't know and I said I didn't know and we really shouldn't act this way. I know I have less patience right now and Abby gets annoyed with my fatigue and crankiness. Anyways, we both agreed to make an effort to not raise our voices at each other.

Seriously, weaning Vera has gone out the window. Yesterday, she asked to nurse while we were out of the house! Her nursing has increased so much this past week. I really have to try hard to distract her, or she'll completely break down. Any kind of limiting from me gets her all worked up. We need to get back to just nursing before bed and mornings.

I got all three car seats into the bedroom closet! It was a feat, but there's lots more room in the dinning room now. Scott and I would like to get a boyfriend for Marge, and they will both need to be penned in different pens for a bit. The only place two pens will fit is the dinning room. The girls and I are going down to Maryland the week before New Year's, so we're looking to adopt another bun when we get back. I feel if we do it now and then Scott is left home alone with two buns trying to be friends and his crazy hours, it could all blow up.
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Amy D. said...

Pretty soon you should be changing over to colostrum, and then perhaps Vera will self-wean. Here's to hoping, at least!