Monday, November 15, 2010

One Tooth Less!

I have to type this on my Epic since a tree fell over in our backyard and knocked out all the phone and cable lines.
Abby had her tooth pulled today. It was heartwrenching to watch. She got gas first, then a topical numbing agent, then the novocain. Abby felt nothing. The gas didn't make her loopy at all. It made her really really sleepy. The hardest part for me to watch was after the tooth was out, the dentist cleaned out the great big hole where the tooth had been. The infection was still there like I had suspected, and once the tooth was out it drained. The bump on top is now gone.
Afterwards, Abby had to ride the subway home from Grand Central to Sunset Park, which is a pretty long trip. Abby was still high from the gas and walking to the subway, she stopped and started crying. She was convinced everyone was staring at the cotton hanging out of her mouth. I told her all anybody sees is a brave girl who just lost her first tooth. Abby kept her hoodie over her head the whole ride. The next biggest issue was eating and drinking. First Abby had to take the cotton out of her mouth, but she was afraid blood would gush out. I had to promise her nothing would happen. The poor thing was starving. She didn't eat from 12:30 to about 6:30. A long time for her. I got her to eat a popsicle, and she instantly felt better.
Scott got her the first book in The Spiderwick series as a gift from the tooth fairy.
And before I forget, Abby said the tooth next to the one that was pulled is loose. It doesn't surprise me. The dentist said her teeth should start falling out now that there's room in her mouth.
I'm glad this is all over. :)
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