Friday, December 10, 2010

I had my sonogram today. The baby looks good, and we found out the gender. It's a girl! Three girls! Oh my. I do need to go back in three weeks to get a clearer look at her heart. The little thing was moving around so much the woman was having problems measuring.

I feel more relaxed and settled now that we know we're having another girl. But, oh my, three girls! Abby was a little disappointed about having another sister. She really wanted a brother. Vera was like, ahh whatever. I was happy the girls got to see the sonogram. Abby was totally engrossed by the process. There's two TVs, a keyboard, and lots of buttons. :) The tech turned on the 3d sonogram the last few minutes to get a good shot of the baby's face and head. We saw her yawn in 3d! So awesome.

On weaning. I really stepped up weaning. I have no milk left, and when Vera does nurse it's not nursing to get milk. It's the soft comfort nursing. I'm all about distraction distraction. So Vera nurses before bed and in the mornings if she is still in bed after waking. Vera is still waking every night at least once crying, but she doesn't ask to nurse. We're getting there.

Scott and I got Abby her Rebecca doll and Vera the Bitty Baby. They are going to be so happy this holiday. We're going down to MD on Christmas Eve. The girls are so excited and Abby is counting down the days. I'm looking forward to a nice break. :)
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