Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm half way through this pregnancy. :) December 10th is the sonogram. I can't wait.

I don't think we're ever going to get around to fixing iphoto. To see photos, you'll have to befriend me on Facebook.

Abby's on break this month. It's nice not to worry about lessons.

Thanksgiving was very low key this year. Scott had to work on Thanksgiving, so we celebrated on Friday with close friends.

Weaning. Ugh. Vera wakes up once a night crying. I'm exhusted. Honestly I don't know how she makes it through the day. But we are making progress. Vera nurses to sleep, and sometimes nurses in the morning. Her crying at night has gone from an hour to about ten to twenty minutes. Scott warms up a small glass of milk for her, and then I snuggle her until she stops crying and falls back asleep. We're getting there. I think the bunk beds will really help. I have a feeling the girls will end up in the same bed, which will help Vera sleep I hope.

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