Monday, January 3, 2011

Our trip to MD was crazy busy. We left on the 24th and came home on the afternoon of the 31st. That will be our last trip down to MD for a good long while. I don't want to travel late in my pregnancy and traveling with three kids does not sound like a picnic right now.
Today was the first day the girls and I spent the day alone and first day back in lessons. It was an awesome day. We got up, ate, I cleaned the living room, then started lessons. Today I mostly wanted to get back to our normal routine and clean. The girls played with each other all day. When I was finished my chores, the girls had no interest in any activity or game that included me. They made their own apartments in my bedroom, and played house all day.
My belly feels huge. I might just burst before my due date. This baby feels so strong to me, like the baby has a strong energy about her. Scott and I both feel this will be a very quick birth. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Tomorrow I have a prenatal then the sonogram to double check the baby's heart. Busy day.
I reorganized the playroom toys a bit. I spaced some things out and moved some toys out. I'm trying to visualize how I'm going to baby proof the playroom yet again. We have a ton more tiny toys, like Legos, and not enough shelf space up high. The trick is how to baby proof and keep the room rabbit proof all at the same time.
Marge missed us terribly while we were in MD. Poor thing gets so pissy. She chased and followed Scott whenever he was home and tried to nip him several times. When we got home, she acted a bit angry doing her lunging thing, but a good dose of petting and sweet talking and she laid out next to the girls. Marge really needs a boyfriend.
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