Monday, January 31, 2011

Today has been such a great day. Since Scott has been working late, he's been around in the mornings which has been nice. He gets the girls breakfast. I cleaned while the girls played, we got lessons done without issues, and ate lunch. Then we all bundled up and headed over to the park near our house for sledding and snow play. The girls played hard for a good two hours and were wiped out when we got home. The snow was deep and they had to really work to walk around. Plus all the up and down the hill to sled helped tire them out. I'm done. I made popcorn and the girls are quietly eating. I hope all this physical activity will help me have a fast labor. ;)

Vera slept in Abby's bed until about 4am this morning. I really think she'll sleep through the night once she has her own bed. Her biggest complaint is Abby getting too close to her. I so wish we could get bunk beds!

My mother and mother inlaw announced our registry for the baby since there won't be a baby shower. Email me for the info.
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