Thursday, February 17, 2011

The bunk beds came this afternoon!  We're waiting for Scott to get home to start assembling them. Abby is beyond excited to sleep alone in her own bed again. It drives her nuts that I have to sit in bed while Vera falls asleep.

Abby and I are seriously enjoying history right now.  This week we read about the Phoenicians and how they made blown glass and purple dye and sailed the Mediterranean Sea.  Abby was mesmerized by the videos we watched of people blowing glass.  The first few ones we watched had only men blowing glass.  Abby asked if women could blow glass too.  I said of course they can.  Anyone can, they just need to take classes to learn how.  Abby said the tools looked heavy.  I found a short documentary on a woman artist that blows glass.  Abby was enthralled, especially when the artist said she discovered glass blowing as a young girl on a Girl Scout trip.

I started The Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading with Vera.  We did the first lesson this week.  Every time I'm doing lessons with Abby, Vera bugs me to 'teach her'.  Vera has been doing tracing work while I work with Abby until she gets bored and wanders off to play.  When I called her to the couch for her lesson, Vera was like, me? Really?  It was the short vowel sound of A.  Maybe if she stays open to the lessons, learning how to read will come easier for her.  I do regret not being more on top of showing Abby the alphabet and discussing letters and numbers more with her.  I think if I had, reading wouldn't be so hard for her.  It's such a one step forward two steps back type of thing.  Everything else comes so easily for her.  Math has been too easy for her this year.  The only thing that seems to hang her up is adding ten to a double digit.  Abby had some plus/minus ten problems on her worksheet today, and after explaining and showing her on a number chart for the hundredth time, I think she may have finally grasped it.  The writing program is going well.  I like the format.  Two days of copywork and two days of listening to a passage and then answering questions.  Abby has liked the reading selections so far.  No complaints and she already understands what a complete sentence is.  I'm waiting for Spelling Workout grade 1 to come in the mail.  I found it on  We're almost finished our Geography program and I need something to fill its place.

31 weeks this week.  I'm getting really uncomfortable.  It's the usual third trimester stuff.  I'm up all night to pee and then I have trouble falling back asleep and I NEED to sleep.  I have a small stash of infant sized prefolds and a prefold belt and a small arrangement of newborn clothes.  Scott said he wanted this baby to be completely clothed in organic clothing for the first month, but I don't see that happening.  This is a really geeky ec thing to say, but I'm excited to try the prefold belt.  I never got to use one with Vera.  I still need to order my birth kit.  Last time, it took a while since it was coming from Montana.  I need to remember I can't wait too long...

So we missed our window to get Marge a partner bunny.  I'm kicking myself for being so wishy washy about it back in November.  Now Scott says the house will be too hectic with a second rabbit and then the health insurance sucked out all our extra funds.  Poo.  I still want a second bun.

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