Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm inspired by Amy's ( art center. All the art supplies were nice and neat on shelves. After soaking in the tub and contemplating how to arrange our supplies, I remembered we have a little one on the way and I can't have art supplies within reach of a crawler or toddler. Plue there's Miss Marge who acts like crayons are crack, and all crayons have to be in a plastic container out of reach of a jumping, climbing bunny. So how to get all our stuff organized? The bookcase I want to use is in the living room and is housing our small stash of "living room toys" and the Gohonzon. The toys can go back to the playroom, but the Gohonzon has to stay on top. If I put it on our small round marble top table, kids and babies and rabbits will be all over it. The art supplies have to stay in the bookcase in the playroom, but the homeschooling books don't! The homeschooling supplies seem to wander all over the playroom bookcase. Tomorrow morning I'm going to move the schooling books/supplies out of the playroom and then I should have room to spread the other stuff out.

Vera hasn't nursed in a few days! She didn't even ask to nurse tonight.

Anyways, it's late and I want to read before I pass out for the night...
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Amy D. said...

Yay, I'm glad you like it! Pets and young children definitely pose problems with stuff like that. Ours is right near a window that the cat likes to sit at, but so far nothing has been knocked over. I just wish we had more room for the art stuff. I could think of so much more stuff I'd like to put on those shelves!