Monday, March 21, 2011

4 weeks!

Four weeks until this baby arrives.  There's still little things we need to gather.  I've reached that point where I can't wait to hold this babe.  My belly is huge. I still have this gut feeling the babe is coming early, but she has to stay put until after April 3rd.  My midwife is on vacation and we have a wedding to go to.  Thanks to a wonderful friend, we have nearly a whole stash of homemade wool covers in small.  Scott and I are doing just wool this time.  I found a roll of pure wool yarn and maybe I'll find some time to actually knit a soasepker.  I showed Abby how to snappi a prefold on a doll and she can diaper a doll perfectly.  She'll be a great help! 

It's raining today.  We had a lazy Monday.  I made beds and picked up in the early morning and then Abby and I did lessons.  The girls played together most of the day.  Oh, and I did some minor doll surgery on one of their favorite dolls.  The head and neck separated a bit and needed to be sewn up. 

There's more I should blog about, but Abby is hungry and wants dinner...

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