Monday, March 7, 2011


I think I have solved the reading dilema.  Including Vera in the reading lessons has helped spark Abby's willingness to read.  I am starting at the very beginning of OPGTR.  Each girl does a worksheet related to the sound learned, but Abby does an extra worksheet that's more on her level. Of course I'm not expecting huge results from Vera.  She's three.  But just having her there to repeat sounds and answer questions is a huge boost to Abby, especially if Vera doesn't know something and Abby does.  So far, Vera has picked up the short vowel sounds of a and e, and can identify a decent amount of letters.  Abby started fractions today.  She got them down pat a quarter of the way through the lesson. Also, a first today, Abby copied the longer sentence for writing.  For copywork, she has a choice to copy a short or a long sentence.  She usually chooses the shorter.  We learned about ancient Crete today.  Abby was totally digging reading about the bull jumpers and the story about the Minotaur.  Today was a good homeschooling day.

Oh, and the Spelling Workout A book came from paperbackswap, and silly me, it's the teacher's edition so none of the worksheets are in it.  I'll have to find a copy of the student edition from somewhere, or just use the word lists and make my own worksheets.
I'll be 34 weeks on Wednesday.  Time is flying by.  I guess I'm ready.  Just in case I get way too overwhelmed, we're not going on homeschool break when April hits.  I want to make sure we're ahead when the baby comes.  I plan for my nightmare and then some, so if things do hit the fan, it won't be as bad as I thought.

I'd like to take the girls to the Met on Wednesday. I hope I have the energy to make it there and back.

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