Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vera tantrums

While we were in MD, Vera had a wicked 3am tantrum Friday night. I saw it coming. She was completely over tired from traveling. (Both girls didn't fully fall asleep during our drive down like planned) Plus, she always has trouble pooping while traveling. All that Friday night leading up to the tantrum she tossed and turned. Oh, and we ended up sleeping on the air mattress in front of the wood burning stove because Vera was terrified of the recessed lighting in the guest bedroom. All that combined to make one hell of a midnight tantrum. Then Vera had another not so major tantrum about two nights ago. Hopefully, she's gotten the stress of traveling out of her system. It's better for Vera to have longer trips to MD because there's more time for her to decompress and relax.

While I'm on the subject of Vera and tantrums, for weeks, maybe a few months now, she wants nothing to do with Scott. It's not so bad when it's just the two of them, but oh my! Vera tells Scott she hates him, she wants him to go away. Scott replies by saying he loves her and will never leave her. He knows it's 'just a phase' but it still stings to hear your kid say I hate you. What Scott and I worry about is how this is going to play out after the baby is born. Vera will not let Scott help her in the middle of the night or let him put her to bed. Even little things, like putting shoes on can turn into an ordeal if Scott tries to help her. Scott has been trying to get more one on one time with her. I think they need a whole lot more time alone. Once Scott gets Vera involved in play or reading a book, Vera's usually fine and happy until it becomes bedtime. I hope this passes soon!

Just a side note- Abby seems to really enjoy the Elephant and Piggie easy reader books. She read a whole one today with some help from me. Her reading is very very slowly coming around. I wanted to blog this because I think it's kinda neat, but Abby seems to picture the hundred number chart in her head when she does addition and subtraction. When she subtracts or adds she will sometimes ask me to remind her what direction that is- left or right. I never knew what she meant until the other day when we were adding/subtracting 10 from a number and she asked me if that meant up or down.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be rainy days again. I'm not too sure what to do with the girls. I've been trying to stay close to home in case this baby decides to make its entrance. 


Chris Harrington said...

I guess I'm on your blogroll? You might check that you have "Scott"'s blog URL correct. But thanks for the traffic. :)

Amy said...

Actually, you've got my husband's old blog url. I forgot he deleted that blog...