Sunday, May 29, 2011

Got it!

See how the upper frenulum goes all the way down, then through the gums? It's almost like it's dividing her top gums in half? And that's about as far as I can stretch her top lip. She nurses fine. In fact, she has the best latch of all my kids. I'm worried about her teeth. My midwife said she had never seen this before. Has anyone seen this before?

Memorial Day Weekend

Abby is marching with Girl Scouts in the Memorial Day Parade tomorrow. It should be fun. Abby loved it last year. This year I plan to pack lunch and picnic at the end.

We've been chugging along nicely. Sometimes things get hectic and Scott and I have to laugh at the chaos. The living/dinning room still needs to be picked up, vacuumed, and floors washed, but the rest of the house is good.

Scott and Vera were talking to each other about how much they loved each other. Vera told Scott she hated him, which is her usual statement towards Scott. I said hate was a very strong word, how about dislike? Vera goes, ok I dis-hate daddy. I tried. Scott and I keep waiting for this phase to end. She doesn't really hate Scott, she just says it all the time.

I'm seriously enjoying being a family of five. I kept dreading the worst, and reality has turned out to be fine. This is going to sound cheesy, but it feels so warm and cozy in the evenings when we're all together. It feels complete. After Vera was born, I was ready to not have more kids. SO ready. But Penny came along, and changed everything. We're officially the freaks on the block. We have the most kids of any family. Oh well.

Aimee Mann is great to listen to while nursing.

I got a sample of Baby Bits wipes soap and it rocks. It's great with soft paper towels. I have two pairs of size small Ecapants and I want to get some more for summer. They're so trim and light. Perfect for going out. We've been using the prefold belt with premie sized prefolds inside. So far Penny has only pooped three times ever in a diaper. Two of those times were meconium (sp?) poops right after she was born. Penny is such a happy baby! 

Abby and Scott read The Spiderwick Chronicles together, and Abby discovered fencing from the books. I looked into classes and wow. So not in our price range. Plus a lot of the classes start at age 9. Maybe by then she'll be able to take a class. I think we're going to try for hip hop again in fall and maybe a class for Vera if the timing is right. Scott wants to get swimming lessons for Abby for her birthday. We'll see. 

Finally, my girls have health insurance after over a year with none. It's through Health Plus. They get everything with no deductable or copays. This summer is going to be filled with doctors appointments. Penny has a weird upper frenulum thing going on that I want to get looked at. One of these days, I will get a decent photo of her gums. It's hard to photograph a squirmy newborn's mouth. Let me just say, we live in a sad country where a brand new newborn can't see a doctor because her parents can't afford the health insurance her father's work provides. To put all of us on the health insurance through Scott's work, costs an entire paycheck. I kid you not. That's plain evil. I hate you insurance companies.

Twister. Fun for everyone. :) And Penny in a prefold belt.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Weeks

I was going to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep.

Today was my first day alone with all three girls. It went smoothly, except the last 20 minutes before Scott came home. Abby and Vera started arguing about whose turn it was to dance. Lessons were done. Beds were made and the house was picked up. We even got the rabbit box changed and gave Marge a new box to dig and chew on. Penny slept most of the afternoon.

Penny has started smiling and it's adorable. She's got the biggest toothless grin ever! So far she's a pretty easy baby. Her needs and wants are easy for me to read. If she's done nursing, pooped/peed, and still kinda fussy, then I pop her in the wrap and either bounce her on the yoga ball or walk around and she'll fall asleep. When I was pregnant, I'd get restless and have to bounce on the yoga ball. It's interesting how that same movement calms Penny down. I don't think this is too "AP", but I ordered two Ummy pacifiers. Mostly to keep one in my bag and one in case we lose the one in my bag. It's for emergencies. Like a Vera is melting down on the subway and now I've got two kids crying and screaming and omg I need to care for Vera first please don't hate me for giving this to you for two minutes until I can sit and whip a boob out once we exit this damn train. Nursing in the wrap hasn't been as smooth with Penny. She's got to get better head control and my boobs are the size of her head and that makes it hard for her to get comfy. So, I end up having to take her out of the wrap to nurse.

Now I know where the middle child syndrome comes from. So many people mention middle child syndrome when asking about Vera and the new baby. If Vera has a melt down, it's because she's the middle child. If Vera is upset, it's because she's the middle child. Seriously! The girl is three and has a new baby in the house. It has nothing to do with being the middle child! Vera did all these things before Penny. Anyways.

Abby is bridging to Brownies at the end of the month. Scott picked up her Brownie vest and Abby is beyond excited. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks!

(The one thing I hate about this Blogger app is that I have to add a title or the post won't publish. There will be lots of lame titles ahead.)

Miss Penny weighs 9lbs 12oz! She smiles a ton in her sleep, and I hope that means she'll be a laid back, happy baby and kid! The cutest thing ever is when she smiles after peeing. That cracks everyone up every time.

Vera isn't getting enough sleep at night. She's been falling asleep after 9:30 and waking up around 7. Not enough sleep for her. Again, Vera wants me to put her to sleep, but Penny is usually up and alert most evenings when the older girls need to be going to bed. So I end up bouncing Penny on the yoga ball in my bedroom while Vera tries to fall asleep in my bed. If Penny is willing, Scott will take her and then I can snuggle Vera to sleep faster. If only Vera would let Scott put her to bed! I'm thanking my lucky stars this is really our only issue right now. I remember Abby didn't get much sleep the first few weeks after Vera's birth either.

I plan to start lessons again next week. My mother will be staying with us, and I think it will be an easier transition back into lessons without me trying to manage all three girls at once. My mother will be my training wheels. :)

Scott goes back to work on Monday. I'm really going to miss having him to lean on during the day. It was a beautiful two weeks.

Last Wednesday, I took my first venture past the block with Penny. We all went to the park. The usual group of mothers and kids were there. The mothers started asking questions about how the birth went, if I got an epidural (ha!), etc. There's another mother who is pregnant and due in a month or so. Somebody said something to her that I missed, and I heard her say she was having another c-section. I said Penny was my second VBAC. I was about to encourage her to look into a VBAC, but she cut me off and brushed off the topic saying something about fibroids. Oh well. I can't help but feel a little sad when a woman is going to have c-section. I would rather cut my arm off than go through another c-section, but that's me. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

One week!

Penny is a week old! Ec'ing is going beautifully. Hardly any poop misses. It seems incredably easy this time. Penny doesn't linger at the breast the way Vera and Abby did. She nurses and falls asleep and then pushes the nipple out. I kinda wish she'd linger. It's so pleasant to lay in bed and just nurse a warm squishy newborn. I see my midwife on Tuesday for our last home visit. I'm going to miss those home visits. We'll get the pku done, a check up and maybe a weigh. I'm curious to see how much Penny has gained.

Vera was having a hard time adjusting to my inability to be there for her 100% of the time. Scott's brother and parents are in town and they've been a great distraction for both girls. If only Vera would let Scott help her more, she wouldn't be so upset all the time. I'm feeling better every day and with Penny in a wrap, I can do more with Vera. It's mostly things like getting dressed, potty, and bedtime that are huge issues for Vera. Abby seems totally unfazed by her new little sister. She's in love with Penny.

Today, Mother's Day, started out horrific. I was nursing Penny in bed, Vera was sitting at the small table in the playroom eating breakfast, and Scott and Abby were getting ready to run over to Rite Aid. Then I hear Scott yelling NO! NO! Oh god NO! And the horrible horrible sound of someone falling down the stairs. Abby fell head over heels down the whole flight of stairs and hit the door at the bottom. Never never again do I want to hear that. Ever. I ran to the hallway and Scott had already ran to pick up Abby, who was screaming. Thank goodness she was ok. Nothing broken. Scott took her to urgent care just to be sure there were no injuries we couldn't see. Abby's got one hell of a nasty bruise and scrape on her back. She's one tough nugget, my baby girl.

Scott has informed me that there are a ton of errors in my posts. I know. I usually type these in bed on my phone. So there. 

Vera's new balance bike. She picked it because it has kitties on it. And a photo of Penny wearing a prefold belt. I like Scott's reaction to the belt- "What the hell is that?" Then I showed him how it worked, and he's sold. Real men ec. (Or men that hate dealing with poopy diapers) :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small Update

Last night my milk came in, which caused Penny to have some fussiness. Thank goodness wraps exsist. I wrap her up in the Didy and she instantly snuggles down to sleep.

Vera is having a hard time in the evenings. She wants me to put her to sleep, of course. So I've got her in my bed until she falls asleep, and then Scott moves her to her bed. Really, I don't care at this point where she falls asleep or sleeps, as long as everyone is getting sleep. Abby does not like falling asleep without Vera in their bedroom. There's been a few tears shed over that. I even offered Vera a chance to sleep with Abby in the top bunk, but Vera wants me. Once everyone adjusts to our new larger family, we'll find our bedtime groove again.

EC'ing has been wonderful today! Penny's cues couldn't be more obvious. She nurses, pops on and off the breast and straightens her legs. I hold her over the top hat potty and voila, she goes! And she gets that cute potty concentrating face. I LOVE not having to spray down poopy diapers, and it saves Scott trips to the laundromat, and I don't have to get up off the couch to change a diaper. ;)

Scott has been following my daily schedule minus the lessons. The poor man said this evening, he has no idea how I do it. He's worn down at the end of the day. Plus his allergies are killing him and causing his asthma to act up.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Penny's Birth Story

Friday evening, the 29th, I felt really worn down physically. I fell asleep around 9:30pm and slept soundly until 4am. Then labor hit me like a ton of bricks. I got up to pee, and when I went to get back in bed the first contraction came. I knew instantly it was real labor. I woke Scott and he started timing the contractions and they were two minutes apart! Very quickly they progressed to where I could barely talk through them. Scott called my midwife and our friend and both came right over. Only 15 minutes had passed from the time I woke Scott and he called my midwife! 

The girls woke up around 5am because of the noise I was making. Thank goodness we had our good friend to help with the girls. There's no way I could have labored with the girls around. Abby and Vera watched a movie, played a bit and then went out for bagels.

Meanwhile, I labored back and forth between the playroom, bedroom and bathroom. This labor was completely different than Vera's. It was so incredably intense. There were moments between contractions where all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and hide from the pain. Scott supported me the entire time with help from my midwife. Scott said I hit him in the leg at one point, and needed to put cotton in his ears because I was so loud.

I started pushing after 7am. I thought my hips were going to explode! Plus, my left leg constantly cramped just like when I was in labor with Vera. My water still hadn't broken, and I knew once it did I would be that much closer to being done. When it did break, some of the pressure in my hips was released a bit. I finally got her head out and I got somewhat of a slight rest before I got Penny's shoulders out. Penny came out slightly stunned from her cord being on her shoulder and my midwife gave her mouth to mouth before Penny took that first breath. I could only hear what was going on since my back was to Penny and my midwife, but I could see Scott and he didn't seem worried so I wasn't scared. From the time my water broke and Penny took her first breath 14 minutes passed. Every thing happened so fast. The girls got home right as Penny started coming out, so both Abby and Vera got to see her be born. They didn't see Penny get mouth to mouth, thank goodness. Our friend took them into the other room so they wouldn't have to watch.

Penny weighs a nice 8lbs 14oz! For comparison, Abby was 8lbs 10oz and Vera was 7lbs 6oz. She's totally healthy and happy. A nursing champ. We tried to ec a little today. Penny's tummy rumbles before she poops, but I couldn't get the timing right. She seems to pee when she gets really still and stares, but I haven't attempted to catch a pee yet. I'll try more when I'm not so sore.

I feel relieved to be on the other side of this pregnancy. I look at Penny and I can't believe this litle person was curled up inside me. My body, especially my lower back and hips, are sore. I didn't tear, so I think I'll be back to my usual self pretty soon.

Penelope Anne born at home on April 30th...