Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks!

(The one thing I hate about this Blogger app is that I have to add a title or the post won't publish. There will be lots of lame titles ahead.)

Miss Penny weighs 9lbs 12oz! She smiles a ton in her sleep, and I hope that means she'll be a laid back, happy baby and kid! The cutest thing ever is when she smiles after peeing. That cracks everyone up every time.

Vera isn't getting enough sleep at night. She's been falling asleep after 9:30 and waking up around 7. Not enough sleep for her. Again, Vera wants me to put her to sleep, but Penny is usually up and alert most evenings when the older girls need to be going to bed. So I end up bouncing Penny on the yoga ball in my bedroom while Vera tries to fall asleep in my bed. If Penny is willing, Scott will take her and then I can snuggle Vera to sleep faster. If only Vera would let Scott put her to bed! I'm thanking my lucky stars this is really our only issue right now. I remember Abby didn't get much sleep the first few weeks after Vera's birth either.

I plan to start lessons again next week. My mother will be staying with us, and I think it will be an easier transition back into lessons without me trying to manage all three girls at once. My mother will be my training wheels. :)

Scott goes back to work on Monday. I'm really going to miss having him to lean on during the day. It was a beautiful two weeks.

Last Wednesday, I took my first venture past the block with Penny. We all went to the park. The usual group of mothers and kids were there. The mothers started asking questions about how the birth went, if I got an epidural (ha!), etc. There's another mother who is pregnant and due in a month or so. Somebody said something to her that I missed, and I heard her say she was having another c-section. I said Penny was my second VBAC. I was about to encourage her to look into a VBAC, but she cut me off and brushed off the topic saying something about fibroids. Oh well. I can't help but feel a little sad when a woman is going to have c-section. I would rather cut my arm off than go through another c-section, but that's me. 

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