Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Abby is marching with Girl Scouts in the Memorial Day Parade tomorrow. It should be fun. Abby loved it last year. This year I plan to pack lunch and picnic at the end.

We've been chugging along nicely. Sometimes things get hectic and Scott and I have to laugh at the chaos. The living/dinning room still needs to be picked up, vacuumed, and floors washed, but the rest of the house is good.

Scott and Vera were talking to each other about how much they loved each other. Vera told Scott she hated him, which is her usual statement towards Scott. I said hate was a very strong word, how about dislike? Vera goes, ok I dis-hate daddy. I tried. Scott and I keep waiting for this phase to end. She doesn't really hate Scott, she just says it all the time.

I'm seriously enjoying being a family of five. I kept dreading the worst, and reality has turned out to be fine. This is going to sound cheesy, but it feels so warm and cozy in the evenings when we're all together. It feels complete. After Vera was born, I was ready to not have more kids. SO ready. But Penny came along, and changed everything. We're officially the freaks on the block. We have the most kids of any family. Oh well.

Aimee Mann is great to listen to while nursing.

I got a sample of Baby Bits wipes soap and it rocks. It's great with soft paper towels. I have two pairs of size small Ecapants and I want to get some more for summer. They're so trim and light. Perfect for going out. We've been using the prefold belt with premie sized prefolds inside. So far Penny has only pooped three times ever in a diaper. Two of those times were meconium (sp?) poops right after she was born. Penny is such a happy baby! 

Abby and Scott read The Spiderwick Chronicles together, and Abby discovered fencing from the books. I looked into classes and wow. So not in our price range. Plus a lot of the classes start at age 9. Maybe by then she'll be able to take a class. I think we're going to try for hip hop again in fall and maybe a class for Vera if the timing is right. Scott wants to get swimming lessons for Abby for her birthday. We'll see. 

Finally, my girls have health insurance after over a year with none. It's through Health Plus. They get everything with no deductable or copays. This summer is going to be filled with doctors appointments. Penny has a weird upper frenulum thing going on that I want to get looked at. One of these days, I will get a decent photo of her gums. It's hard to photograph a squirmy newborn's mouth. Let me just say, we live in a sad country where a brand new newborn can't see a doctor because her parents can't afford the health insurance her father's work provides. To put all of us on the health insurance through Scott's work, costs an entire paycheck. I kid you not. That's plain evil. I hate you insurance companies.

Twister. Fun for everyone. :) And Penny in a prefold belt.

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Amy D. said...

Oh god, I hope Riley doesn't want fencing lessons after The Spiderwick Chronicles! I may have to start censoring her reading LOL