Sunday, May 8, 2011

One week!

Penny is a week old! Ec'ing is going beautifully. Hardly any poop misses. It seems incredably easy this time. Penny doesn't linger at the breast the way Vera and Abby did. She nurses and falls asleep and then pushes the nipple out. I kinda wish she'd linger. It's so pleasant to lay in bed and just nurse a warm squishy newborn. I see my midwife on Tuesday for our last home visit. I'm going to miss those home visits. We'll get the pku done, a check up and maybe a weigh. I'm curious to see how much Penny has gained.

Vera was having a hard time adjusting to my inability to be there for her 100% of the time. Scott's brother and parents are in town and they've been a great distraction for both girls. If only Vera would let Scott help her more, she wouldn't be so upset all the time. I'm feeling better every day and with Penny in a wrap, I can do more with Vera. It's mostly things like getting dressed, potty, and bedtime that are huge issues for Vera. Abby seems totally unfazed by her new little sister. She's in love with Penny.

Today, Mother's Day, started out horrific. I was nursing Penny in bed, Vera was sitting at the small table in the playroom eating breakfast, and Scott and Abby were getting ready to run over to Rite Aid. Then I hear Scott yelling NO! NO! Oh god NO! And the horrible horrible sound of someone falling down the stairs. Abby fell head over heels down the whole flight of stairs and hit the door at the bottom. Never never again do I want to hear that. Ever. I ran to the hallway and Scott had already ran to pick up Abby, who was screaming. Thank goodness she was ok. Nothing broken. Scott took her to urgent care just to be sure there were no injuries we couldn't see. Abby's got one hell of a nasty bruise and scrape on her back. She's one tough nugget, my baby girl.

Scott has informed me that there are a ton of errors in my posts. I know. I usually type these in bed on my phone. So there. 

Vera's new balance bike. She picked it because it has kitties on it. And a photo of Penny wearing a prefold belt. I like Scott's reaction to the belt- "What the hell is that?" Then I showed him how it worked, and he's sold. Real men ec. (Or men that hate dealing with poopy diapers) :)

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Amy D. said...

Hearing a child falling down the steps is like the worst sound EVER, and it seems to last forever too, like they're tumbling down for an hour. Poor girl! I'm glad it's "just" bumps and bruises! Penny is such a cutie-patootie!