Sunday, May 1, 2011

Penny's Birth Story

Friday evening, the 29th, I felt really worn down physically. I fell asleep around 9:30pm and slept soundly until 4am. Then labor hit me like a ton of bricks. I got up to pee, and when I went to get back in bed the first contraction came. I knew instantly it was real labor. I woke Scott and he started timing the contractions and they were two minutes apart! Very quickly they progressed to where I could barely talk through them. Scott called my midwife and our friend and both came right over. Only 15 minutes had passed from the time I woke Scott and he called my midwife! 

The girls woke up around 5am because of the noise I was making. Thank goodness we had our good friend to help with the girls. There's no way I could have labored with the girls around. Abby and Vera watched a movie, played a bit and then went out for bagels.

Meanwhile, I labored back and forth between the playroom, bedroom and bathroom. This labor was completely different than Vera's. It was so incredably intense. There were moments between contractions where all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and hide from the pain. Scott supported me the entire time with help from my midwife. Scott said I hit him in the leg at one point, and needed to put cotton in his ears because I was so loud.

I started pushing after 7am. I thought my hips were going to explode! Plus, my left leg constantly cramped just like when I was in labor with Vera. My water still hadn't broken, and I knew once it did I would be that much closer to being done. When it did break, some of the pressure in my hips was released a bit. I finally got her head out and I got somewhat of a slight rest before I got Penny's shoulders out. Penny came out slightly stunned from her cord being on her shoulder and my midwife gave her mouth to mouth before Penny took that first breath. I could only hear what was going on since my back was to Penny and my midwife, but I could see Scott and he didn't seem worried so I wasn't scared. From the time my water broke and Penny took her first breath 14 minutes passed. Every thing happened so fast. The girls got home right as Penny started coming out, so both Abby and Vera got to see her be born. They didn't see Penny get mouth to mouth, thank goodness. Our friend took them into the other room so they wouldn't have to watch.

Penny weighs a nice 8lbs 14oz! For comparison, Abby was 8lbs 10oz and Vera was 7lbs 6oz. She's totally healthy and happy. A nursing champ. We tried to ec a little today. Penny's tummy rumbles before she poops, but I couldn't get the timing right. She seems to pee when she gets really still and stares, but I haven't attempted to catch a pee yet. I'll try more when I'm not so sore.

I feel relieved to be on the other side of this pregnancy. I look at Penny and I can't believe this litle person was curled up inside me. My body, especially my lower back and hips, are sore. I didn't tear, so I think I'll be back to my usual self pretty soon.

Penelope Anne born at home on April 30th...


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! Long time lurker, I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Vera. I've been checking in more regularly, wondering when your newest beautiful baby would man an appearance. Congratulations again, and many wishes for health, happiness and prosperity for you all!

Courtney said...

Penny is beautiful, I enjoyed reading her birth story. You're a VBAC champion two times over!

Steph said...

Amazing. Totally inspirational! Enjoy, enjoy.