Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small Update

Last night my milk came in, which caused Penny to have some fussiness. Thank goodness wraps exsist. I wrap her up in the Didy and she instantly snuggles down to sleep.

Vera is having a hard time in the evenings. She wants me to put her to sleep, of course. So I've got her in my bed until she falls asleep, and then Scott moves her to her bed. Really, I don't care at this point where she falls asleep or sleeps, as long as everyone is getting sleep. Abby does not like falling asleep without Vera in their bedroom. There's been a few tears shed over that. I even offered Vera a chance to sleep with Abby in the top bunk, but Vera wants me. Once everyone adjusts to our new larger family, we'll find our bedtime groove again.

EC'ing has been wonderful today! Penny's cues couldn't be more obvious. She nurses, pops on and off the breast and straightens her legs. I hold her over the top hat potty and voila, she goes! And she gets that cute potty concentrating face. I LOVE not having to spray down poopy diapers, and it saves Scott trips to the laundromat, and I don't have to get up off the couch to change a diaper. ;)

Scott has been following my daily schedule minus the lessons. The poor man said this evening, he has no idea how I do it. He's worn down at the end of the day. Plus his allergies are killing him and causing his asthma to act up.

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