Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Weeks

I was going to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep.

Today was my first day alone with all three girls. It went smoothly, except the last 20 minutes before Scott came home. Abby and Vera started arguing about whose turn it was to dance. Lessons were done. Beds were made and the house was picked up. We even got the rabbit box changed and gave Marge a new box to dig and chew on. Penny slept most of the afternoon.

Penny has started smiling and it's adorable. She's got the biggest toothless grin ever! So far she's a pretty easy baby. Her needs and wants are easy for me to read. If she's done nursing, pooped/peed, and still kinda fussy, then I pop her in the wrap and either bounce her on the yoga ball or walk around and she'll fall asleep. When I was pregnant, I'd get restless and have to bounce on the yoga ball. It's interesting how that same movement calms Penny down. I don't think this is too "AP", but I ordered two Ummy pacifiers. Mostly to keep one in my bag and one in case we lose the one in my bag. It's for emergencies. Like a Vera is melting down on the subway and now I've got two kids crying and screaming and omg I need to care for Vera first please don't hate me for giving this to you for two minutes until I can sit and whip a boob out once we exit this damn train. Nursing in the wrap hasn't been as smooth with Penny. She's got to get better head control and my boobs are the size of her head and that makes it hard for her to get comfy. So, I end up having to take her out of the wrap to nurse.

Now I know where the middle child syndrome comes from. So many people mention middle child syndrome when asking about Vera and the new baby. If Vera has a melt down, it's because she's the middle child. If Vera is upset, it's because she's the middle child. Seriously! The girl is three and has a new baby in the house. It has nothing to do with being the middle child! Vera did all these things before Penny. Anyways.

Abby is bridging to Brownies at the end of the month. Scott picked up her Brownie vest and Abby is beyond excited. :)

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Amy D. said...

I'm peeved about the brownies thing. I JUST bought Riley's daisy vest (yeah, we were a little late) but if I knew she was going to be a brownie next year, I'd have waited. Poo.

I think pacifiers are overly-vilified in the AP community. Riley was introduced to one for air travel, and Avery for those times when I just couldn't immediately meet her needs. Neither were heavy "users" and both gave them up on their own around 6 months. No biggie. I don't think that the danger is in the baby becoming overly-dependent on it, but the parents becoming overly-dependent on it. It's not like she'll be sucking on it for two hours while you shop at Walmart at midnight and don't want to attend to her LOL :)