Monday, June 27, 2011

Boobies, Boobies

I had my sonogram today. The lump is gone, and all is well. It must have been reabsorbed or sucked out by Penny. I'm still thinking it was related to the break between weaning Vera and nursing Penny. I had a nice three month break from nursing. The dr said my breast was "lumpy" to begin with. Thanks. It was a long wait to see the dr too. Penny was a bit antsy in the waiting room. She wouldn't nurse, and she hadn't pooped yet for the day. Penny fell asleep after many tiny nursings and rockings and Scott took her for walk in the Mei Tai. I told one of the admins that I wouldn't be able to wait much longer because Penny would need to nurse again. She took me back 10 minutes later. So for a 9:45 appointment, I got seen at 11:20 or so. Penny finally pooped when we picked up the girls. She couldn't hold it any longer.

The past two nights have been smooth with Vera. I downloaded the audiobook player for my phone from the Brooklyn Public Library, and Vera, Penny and I listen to an audiobook in bed with the lights out. We're listening to "The Railway Children" now. Vera lays quietly and has been falling asleep within 20 minutes. Hopefully, this will continue. I love that I can download ebooks and audiobooks from the library.

The Rainbow Resource catalogue came in the mail. Scott and I picked out most of next year's books. He wants to do some science projects with the girls, and he chose two. We're staying with Saxon Math, Handwriting Without Tears for both girls, and the second grammer book. We're still working on the first volume of Story of the World, and Writing With Ease. For reading, I'm back to Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading (which I believe goes up to a fourth grade level when all is said and done), worksheets I download, and books of course. Oh, and we'll be doing Spelling Workout level 1 since I already have the teacher's guide and only need the student book.

Penny is sleeping next to me right now. She's chunking out nicely. :)

I worked on Saturday. Penny tagged along. She slept pretty much the whole time. There's nothing better to help sell carriers than a sleeping, content baby in a carrier. It felt good to be back at work. I truely believe in babywearing and I love helping new parents discover the joys and wonder of babywearing. All babies should and need to be held.

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Jac said...

Yay!!! Glad everything is well ;)