Monday, June 20, 2011

Cleaning Up

I've been slowly cleaning out small areas of the apartment trying to declutter and downsize a bit. Mostly because I've been in the city for months without a break. I'm starting to feel trapped, and getting rid of things is my way of coping.

Vera has had several wicked melt downs. The worst was Friday night before bed. It lasted an hour, then she passed out. Vera woke again around 2am and continued her melt down for over an hour. I nearly lost my head. I was just way too tired. Scott tried to help, but interfering in Vera's melt downs just prolong them. It's best to sit where she can see you and not say anything. Then it passes and she usually asks to be hugged and kissed and held and all is well again.

Penny is a charm. Some days she never cries. I have to remember to nurse her. What a little sweetie.

Today's lessons went smoothly. No complaints. There was the usual procrastination from Abby, but after several hundred gentle reminders to continue what she was doing, Abby finished in little over an hour.

A conversation I had with another mother in the park-
Woman: How old is your baby?
Me: 7 weeks.
Woman: My son is about the same. Does your baby cry a lot.
Me: No, but my middle daughter cried.
Woman: My son cries all the time.
Me: There's nothing to do but hold them.
Woman: Oh! I don't hold him! Well, just a little bit, then I put him right down.
Me: ok. (And I put my sunglasses back on.)
Oh. My. God. I don't get it. I seriously don't get how a mother can leave her barely 7 week old to cry. Or any kid at any age. Vera has cried a lot in her life, and I have never abandonded her.

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