Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's so damn hot right now! We've been taking short trips outside so we don't overheat.

Penny is such an easy baby I'm in awe. Last night she only woke up once to nurse! I actually had to wake her up this morning to nurse on the other boob. Penny stayed dry all night too! She's been staying dry while sleeping more. It's amazing how if she needs to pee/poop I can say to her hold on I'm getting the potty, and she'll wait! One time she started to pee in her diaper and I started to take her diaper off and she stopped midstream and waited for me to sit her on the potty. Such a different expirence from Abby or Vera. I'm wondering if it has to do with ec'ing right from birth. Though back to the nursing, Penny nurses so fast I worry if she's nursing enough. Crazy thing to worry about, I know. She's obviously growing and my boobs are empty when she finishes. I'm not used to a quick nurser! Most times she doesn't fall asleep at the boob, and she'll fuss until I bounce her in a wrap.

Thank goodness for older sisters! Penny loves her sisters. She smiles at them all the time and tries to look at them if she hears them. Abby and Vera are great entertainers if I have to run to another room for a second. 

Vera has let Scott tuck her in three nights now. This is huge! It makes the evenings much smoother. The evenings are still kinda hectic, but they are improving. Vera takes forever to fall asleep.

Abby has greatly improved her reading. She made a huge jump forward. Only problem is, she took a step back in math. We always go through this. This constant give and take. If Abby makes a leap in one subject something else will suffer. So once again, we are taking it slow in math and speeding up in reading.

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Jac said...

Ohmygosh - I love these! I'm enjoying cyber-stalking you from afar ;) Give the girls squeezes from us! And congrats on the super nurser/ec'er!!!