Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rainy Day

It was cloudy and rainy today, so we stayed home. It was a quiet laid back kinda day. We woke up, had breakfast, and I picked up while the girls played. Then we worked on sewing little teddy bears. Abby almost finished hers. She worked a good hour on it, before moving on to something else. I finished Vera's. Vera had no interest in the actual sewing. She was happy helping me and rearranging all the pieces and floss. Then we made egg burritos for lunch. Abby played some more and I read to Vera and Penny. Around 3pm, I was able to get Abby to sit for lessons. I needed a day like today. I was up most of the night with a constantly nursing Penny, and Vera was having nightmares all night and wet the bed. I'm assuming both Penny and Vera are having a growth spurt.

I have the sonogram on my boob Monday. I'm not worried about my boob, I'm worried about Penny. It's a long appointment- 2 to 2.5hrs. I hope there's no issue with me nursing her if I need to. Scott is coming with me.

Scott's birthday is on the third. He's turning 32. The girls and I will make a cake. Maybe some friends will come over to help us eat it.

I feel confident enough with my ec'ing to take Penny out to the park in just a prefold and prefold belt. If we're traveling far, I'll use a cover. But, wow, no poopy diapers and we're going three to four days between washing diapers. Soon we'll be down to one load a week.  

Abby dressing Penny. :)

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