Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three Months

Penny is three months old. It feels like she's always been with us. The girl is absolutely amazing. So far we've learned Penny prefers to sleep and play on her tummy, falling asleep in a carrier is better than falling asleep nursing, sisters get the biggest laughs, and squealing in glee is the best form of communication.

I'm ready to start second grade with Abby and first year preschool with Vera. I'll start officially on September 1st. I have my list of books to order from Rainbow Resource all set. New school books make me giddy. When the back to school sales start to end, I'm making my trip to Target and Barclay's to get supplies. We need pencils, folders, and composition books, plus the little things the girls like like erasers and glue. So total cost for second grade and first year preschool is a little over $200. Not too bad.

Scott and I are still stuck in indesicion land. We have no idea what's going to happen and we may not know anything until November. I think the best thing for us at this moment is to move out of the city for a few years and then move back. The lure of a townhouse and a car is insanely tempting.

Abby's sitting next to me going through the Land's End catalogue circling things she wants for her birthday. :) It's a month away. My oldest is turning seven. 

The city has free tennis lessons twice a week during the summer. They are within walking distance and another homeschooling family we hang with attends, so I signed Abby up. Last week we went for the first time and it was a total bust. Abby was too nervous to go into the courts. She wanted me to stand next to her while the kids were being broken up into groups, but I couldn't. Vera was sitting on a park bench outside the fence and Penny was not happy in the sun. This sudden shyness about trying something new is not like Abby. She used to just jump in head first without a care. I said we'd try again next week. She watched most of the class.

Photos: Penny and Abby. Vera helping herself to a snack.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's too damn hot.

It's hot.

All three girls had a doctor appointment today. First time for Penny and over a year for Abby and Vera. Penny weighs 14 lbs 4 oz. Vera is 28lbs and Abby is 46lbs. Everyone needed shots and they all handled them beautifully. Vera still needs another two shots to get all caught up, so when I go back in two months for Penny, she'll get them then. What sucked was the eye test for Abby and the blood work. The eye test machine freaked Abby out. She braved it for half of the test and then broke down crying and wanted to stop. I wonder if there wasn't just a bit of performance anxiety as well. So we stopped. Then came bloodwork. Abby refused to even step in the room. Vera went first. She sat in my lap while a nurse took Abby and Penny to wait outside. Vera was nervous because of Abby's reaction, but she sat in my lap and got it over with. When I tried again with Abby she completely flipped, screaming at the top of her lungs and literally clinging to me like a monkey. So I said forget it, and that was that. At least everyone was looked at and got caught up on shots.

I love watching Penny learning to grasp things. The look of concentration on her face is adorable! Her favorite thing to try to touch and hold is this stuffed turtle that has teethers for feet and small flaps on the shell to lift, and when the head is pulled it vibrates.

EC is going well. I know I say this all the time, but I'm always amazed by it. We're pretty much diaper free all the time at home unless we have guests. When out, we use the diapers. I realized this evening we haven't needed to wash diapers in a week. That's huge!

Scott has been asked to transfer back to MD in November. We're kind of in this weird state of is it going to happen or not? Right now, at this moment, I am ready to leave the city for a few years and come back when the girls are older. Scott said I'd feel differently if we had a car. That's probably true. We are stuck in the city and I do feel boxed in. It's ungodly hard to get anywhere with the three girls. The heavy backpack, Penny in the wrap, carrying the stroller for Vera up and down subway stairs, dealing with asshats on the subway, and not having a decent clean place for the girls to run wthout worries. I'm tired of a small mess looking like a tornado hit the apartment. Frankly, I'm sick of cleaning 80 million trillion times a day because we are quickly outgrowing our apartment. I'm tired, and probably need a change of scene and pace. And if we do move, I'll probably be wishing we were back in NYC. That's where I'm at.

The photos- Penny butt nekked sleeping during this heat wave, Penny with her hair combed after a bath, and trophies the girls found on the way home from the sprinklers. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh my I'm 30. My birthday was a usual lazy day. Abby wasn't feeling too well in the morning, so we stayed home. We made vegan no bakes and watched America's Got Talent. Cheesy tv at it's best. Scott had to work late on my actual b-day which meant tonight I had my b-day dinner of homemade tacos.

Quick note- the bodega across the street has goat milk lollipops with nothing funky in them. The girls took two licks and were done. They were pretty good.

Penny giggled this evening. It was a beautiful soft giggle. I was talking to her in a high voice and giving her squeezy hugs.

I sent in all of Abby's homeschooling paperwork finally. I hate the paper work. It's really not that much, but I always forget. The end of year assessment and next year's letter of intent, the letter of our curriculum plans, and metrocard app got sent. We're good until late October early November.

In case anyone missed the whole Naomi Aldort fiasco, here's the link.    I think it's important to be wary of parenting experts. Especially ones that have no formal training, education or license and dole out seriously harmful advice.

While Scott and I were getting the girls settled into bed, Vera knocked her head on Penny's head. Penny screamed. Never have I heard her cry like this. It was that gut wrentching baby scream. I cried along with her. I rocked Penny and kept trying to nurse her. She finally calmed down and nursed to sleep. Vera, poor thing, felt horrible and cried in Scott's lap until she fell asleep too. Not a great ending to a day.

Penny went two full days without a miss. She wore the same undies for two days. Crazy how some kids really take to ec and others not so much.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happiest Baby Ever

Need I say more? :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week something or other

The girls' health insurance cards came today. Yay! Doctors appointments for all three. Speaking of health insurance, United (the bastards) rejected our written appeal to their underpayment. On to written appeal number two and a possible case with the Attorney General. Fun times ahead.

I never thought I could get excited over trashcans, but I am. I've been eyeing these automatic trashcans for weeks now. I can't wait. Hopefully, they'll come tomorrow.

We're going Friday evening to visit friends in Queens and Vera says, "Just take me. I love the queens!" She thought we meant actual queens. ;)

I've hit a diaper dilema. What to do. Penny is very quickly outgrowing the infant sized prefolds with the diaper belt. I really don't want to buy the next sized prefolds since she'll most likely be in them for such a short time. (And my prefolds from Abby and Vera have disappeared.) So I'm going to procrastinate until I absolutely have to do/buy something. Maybe we'll make it on just the infant sized. Who knows?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scott Turns 32 and The Fourth.

Scott's birthday was Sunday. We decided at the last minute to take a trip to The Met. It was crowded. BUT, once we got out of the main lobby, it wasn't so bad. We ventured into the less popular galleries and the girls had fun. Vera is lovely to take to an art gallery. She's very easy to engage in a discussion about what she sees in a painting/sculpture. Maybe it's because she loves to draw. Oh, and I nursed in front of two Maria Lactans. I was kinda hoping someone would say something to me about nursing Penny, because I had a come back all ready, but no.

The Fourth was a lazy day for us. We half assed a few chores, and watched our new favorite netflix show, Avatar, The Last Air Bender. Scott made ribs that turned out just perfect. After dinner, we walked to the park and played until it got dark then walked home watching and listening to all the illegal fireworks. It was a nice day.

Abby and I had a struggle over a math drill sheet last week. I left her to finish it while I attended to Vera and Penny. I came back and there were quite a few problems wrong. I erased the wrong answers and said to Abby she needed to redo these. All hell broke loose. It was purely because she got answers wrong and wanted to give up. She screamed and carried on for a good 45 minutes. I'm sorry, but there are some things that I will not let her back away from. She was invited to a soccer class and Abby kept missing the ball when it was kicked to her. She ended up coming to me and hiding her head in my lap the entire class. Soccer is not her thang, and she was feeling embarrassed. I wasn't about to make her participate. But math and school work is another matter. I know she knows how to do the problems. She's been doing them for over two years now. I wasn't about to let her walk away and give up. After her melt down, she sat down and did all the problems she got wrong correctly on her own without any help from me. Then she smacked her worksheet down in front of me and smiled a huge smile and it was like the melt down never happened.

Penny found her hands. She's a finger sucker. Her little pointer fingers are constantly in her mouth. Penny's my little love bug. EC has been wonderful these past two days. Only three pee misses! I put her in tiny undies today. I swear, and Scott says so too, babies always seem happier when they're not wearing diapers. What a joy. :)

So coming home from The Met, Penny was getting tired and agitated. (I don't blame her. She had been in the wrap literally all day.) I offered her boob, but she'd nurse two seconds then pop off. I think she was uncomfortable. Her fussiness turned into an angry cry, and because nursing wasn't working and rocking wasn't working, I asked Scott for the emergency pacifier (oh my god!) and Penny loved it. (oh my god!) I felt guilty using it, and kind of embarrased. The thing seriously helped though. Penny sucked it for a few minutes, calmed down, fell asleep for a few minutes, then woke back up and finally nursed. It made the rest of the ride home enjoyable.  

Pictures always publish in a random order from my phone, but I'm sure you can figure out which caption goes with what.
Abby doing lessons and Vera painting.
All three asleep after a long day.
Penny asleep in the wrap.