Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh my I'm 30. My birthday was a usual lazy day. Abby wasn't feeling too well in the morning, so we stayed home. We made vegan no bakes and watched America's Got Talent. Cheesy tv at it's best. Scott had to work late on my actual b-day which meant tonight I had my b-day dinner of homemade tacos.

Quick note- the bodega across the street has goat milk lollipops with nothing funky in them. The girls took two licks and were done. They were pretty good.

Penny giggled this evening. It was a beautiful soft giggle. I was talking to her in a high voice and giving her squeezy hugs.

I sent in all of Abby's homeschooling paperwork finally. I hate the paper work. It's really not that much, but I always forget. The end of year assessment and next year's letter of intent, the letter of our curriculum plans, and metrocard app got sent. We're good until late October early November.

In case anyone missed the whole Naomi Aldort fiasco, here's the link.    I think it's important to be wary of parenting experts. Especially ones that have no formal training, education or license and dole out seriously harmful advice.

While Scott and I were getting the girls settled into bed, Vera knocked her head on Penny's head. Penny screamed. Never have I heard her cry like this. It was that gut wrentching baby scream. I cried along with her. I rocked Penny and kept trying to nurse her. She finally calmed down and nursed to sleep. Vera, poor thing, felt horrible and cried in Scott's lap until she fell asleep too. Not a great ending to a day.

Penny went two full days without a miss. She wore the same undies for two days. Crazy how some kids really take to ec and others not so much.

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Jac said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!!!