Friday, July 22, 2011

It's too damn hot.

It's hot.

All three girls had a doctor appointment today. First time for Penny and over a year for Abby and Vera. Penny weighs 14 lbs 4 oz. Vera is 28lbs and Abby is 46lbs. Everyone needed shots and they all handled them beautifully. Vera still needs another two shots to get all caught up, so when I go back in two months for Penny, she'll get them then. What sucked was the eye test for Abby and the blood work. The eye test machine freaked Abby out. She braved it for half of the test and then broke down crying and wanted to stop. I wonder if there wasn't just a bit of performance anxiety as well. So we stopped. Then came bloodwork. Abby refused to even step in the room. Vera went first. She sat in my lap while a nurse took Abby and Penny to wait outside. Vera was nervous because of Abby's reaction, but she sat in my lap and got it over with. When I tried again with Abby she completely flipped, screaming at the top of her lungs and literally clinging to me like a monkey. So I said forget it, and that was that. At least everyone was looked at and got caught up on shots.

I love watching Penny learning to grasp things. The look of concentration on her face is adorable! Her favorite thing to try to touch and hold is this stuffed turtle that has teethers for feet and small flaps on the shell to lift, and when the head is pulled it vibrates.

EC is going well. I know I say this all the time, but I'm always amazed by it. We're pretty much diaper free all the time at home unless we have guests. When out, we use the diapers. I realized this evening we haven't needed to wash diapers in a week. That's huge!

Scott has been asked to transfer back to MD in November. We're kind of in this weird state of is it going to happen or not? Right now, at this moment, I am ready to leave the city for a few years and come back when the girls are older. Scott said I'd feel differently if we had a car. That's probably true. We are stuck in the city and I do feel boxed in. It's ungodly hard to get anywhere with the three girls. The heavy backpack, Penny in the wrap, carrying the stroller for Vera up and down subway stairs, dealing with asshats on the subway, and not having a decent clean place for the girls to run wthout worries. I'm tired of a small mess looking like a tornado hit the apartment. Frankly, I'm sick of cleaning 80 million trillion times a day because we are quickly outgrowing our apartment. I'm tired, and probably need a change of scene and pace. And if we do move, I'll probably be wishing we were back in NYC. That's where I'm at.

The photos- Penny butt nekked sleeping during this heat wave, Penny with her hair combed after a bath, and trophies the girls found on the way home from the sprinklers. 

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Charlotte said...

Olivia freaks out everytime they try to get blood from her and also when they give her shots. It's joy of fun when we go to the doctors for her yearly check ups.