Monday, July 4, 2011

Scott Turns 32 and The Fourth.

Scott's birthday was Sunday. We decided at the last minute to take a trip to The Met. It was crowded. BUT, once we got out of the main lobby, it wasn't so bad. We ventured into the less popular galleries and the girls had fun. Vera is lovely to take to an art gallery. She's very easy to engage in a discussion about what she sees in a painting/sculpture. Maybe it's because she loves to draw. Oh, and I nursed in front of two Maria Lactans. I was kinda hoping someone would say something to me about nursing Penny, because I had a come back all ready, but no.

The Fourth was a lazy day for us. We half assed a few chores, and watched our new favorite netflix show, Avatar, The Last Air Bender. Scott made ribs that turned out just perfect. After dinner, we walked to the park and played until it got dark then walked home watching and listening to all the illegal fireworks. It was a nice day.

Abby and I had a struggle over a math drill sheet last week. I left her to finish it while I attended to Vera and Penny. I came back and there were quite a few problems wrong. I erased the wrong answers and said to Abby she needed to redo these. All hell broke loose. It was purely because she got answers wrong and wanted to give up. She screamed and carried on for a good 45 minutes. I'm sorry, but there are some things that I will not let her back away from. She was invited to a soccer class and Abby kept missing the ball when it was kicked to her. She ended up coming to me and hiding her head in my lap the entire class. Soccer is not her thang, and she was feeling embarrassed. I wasn't about to make her participate. But math and school work is another matter. I know she knows how to do the problems. She's been doing them for over two years now. I wasn't about to let her walk away and give up. After her melt down, she sat down and did all the problems she got wrong correctly on her own without any help from me. Then she smacked her worksheet down in front of me and smiled a huge smile and it was like the melt down never happened.

Penny found her hands. She's a finger sucker. Her little pointer fingers are constantly in her mouth. Penny's my little love bug. EC has been wonderful these past two days. Only three pee misses! I put her in tiny undies today. I swear, and Scott says so too, babies always seem happier when they're not wearing diapers. What a joy. :)

So coming home from The Met, Penny was getting tired and agitated. (I don't blame her. She had been in the wrap literally all day.) I offered her boob, but she'd nurse two seconds then pop off. I think she was uncomfortable. Her fussiness turned into an angry cry, and because nursing wasn't working and rocking wasn't working, I asked Scott for the emergency pacifier (oh my god!) and Penny loved it. (oh my god!) I felt guilty using it, and kind of embarrased. The thing seriously helped though. Penny sucked it for a few minutes, calmed down, fell asleep for a few minutes, then woke back up and finally nursed. It made the rest of the ride home enjoyable.  

Pictures always publish in a random order from my phone, but I'm sure you can figure out which caption goes with what.
Abby doing lessons and Vera painting.
All three asleep after a long day.
Penny asleep in the wrap.

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