Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three Months

Penny is three months old. It feels like she's always been with us. The girl is absolutely amazing. So far we've learned Penny prefers to sleep and play on her tummy, falling asleep in a carrier is better than falling asleep nursing, sisters get the biggest laughs, and squealing in glee is the best form of communication.

I'm ready to start second grade with Abby and first year preschool with Vera. I'll start officially on September 1st. I have my list of books to order from Rainbow Resource all set. New school books make me giddy. When the back to school sales start to end, I'm making my trip to Target and Barclay's to get supplies. We need pencils, folders, and composition books, plus the little things the girls like like erasers and glue. So total cost for second grade and first year preschool is a little over $200. Not too bad.

Scott and I are still stuck in indesicion land. We have no idea what's going to happen and we may not know anything until November. I think the best thing for us at this moment is to move out of the city for a few years and then move back. The lure of a townhouse and a car is insanely tempting.

Abby's sitting next to me going through the Land's End catalogue circling things she wants for her birthday. :) It's a month away. My oldest is turning seven. 

The city has free tennis lessons twice a week during the summer. They are within walking distance and another homeschooling family we hang with attends, so I signed Abby up. Last week we went for the first time and it was a total bust. Abby was too nervous to go into the courts. She wanted me to stand next to her while the kids were being broken up into groups, but I couldn't. Vera was sitting on a park bench outside the fence and Penny was not happy in the sun. This sudden shyness about trying something new is not like Abby. She used to just jump in head first without a care. I said we'd try again next week. She watched most of the class.

Photos: Penny and Abby. Vera helping herself to a snack.

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Jac said...

Oh my! Move out of the city?!?! Good luck with your decision - it was an insanely tough one for us!

And Penny is just *precious*!!! I can't believe she's already three months old!