Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week something or other

The girls' health insurance cards came today. Yay! Doctors appointments for all three. Speaking of health insurance, United (the bastards) rejected our written appeal to their underpayment. On to written appeal number two and a possible case with the Attorney General. Fun times ahead.

I never thought I could get excited over trashcans, but I am. I've been eyeing these automatic trashcans for weeks now. I can't wait. Hopefully, they'll come tomorrow.

We're going Friday evening to visit friends in Queens and Vera says, "Just take me. I love the queens!" She thought we meant actual queens. ;)

I've hit a diaper dilema. What to do. Penny is very quickly outgrowing the infant sized prefolds with the diaper belt. I really don't want to buy the next sized prefolds since she'll most likely be in them for such a short time. (And my prefolds from Abby and Vera have disappeared.) So I'm going to procrastinate until I absolutely have to do/buy something. Maybe we'll make it on just the infant sized. Who knows?

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