Monday, August 15, 2011

There are two more lessons in Abby's grammer book. Yippee! We are on lesson 119 out of 132 math lessons. We started writing half way through the year, but we're on week 23 out of I think 42. So we're slowly, but surely, getting to the end of first grade.

Abby's reading improves sometimes by huge leaps and at other times, reeeally slooowly. There are days when I want to hire a tutor, but it has to click soon. She has to either read a Bob book or do a reading lesson everytime we do lessons. Plus, she has copywork to do for both grammer and writing, and she has to read me the sentences. And I've quit reading everything aloud for her. She's starting to read street and subway signs to me. Every night she looks at a book in bed before she falls asleep, and some nights I swear she's actually reading. It's amazing that she can do multiplication drill sheets like they're nothing, and struggle so much with reading. Anyways, if anyone has the third set of Bob books to unload by all means send them my way! 

Penny has been having some funky poos with blood for the past week. I've seen green breastmilk poo before. Vera had it a few times. But Penny's didn't have that brightness to it. It's been super dark green plus blood. The blood was bright red, which to me says fissure, but there's no obvious tears and Penny doesn't tend to have those super forceful newborn poos. Anyways, the ped's first reaction was a dairy sensitivity. So, I'll go off dairy and see if they go away. Otherwise, the ped seemed at a loss as to what's causing them.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's pouring rain. We're stuck inside today.

Abby has this new game she plays. It's called Copy Mama. She puts her doll in a carrier and literally does everything I do. It can go for hours. Sometimes I can get her to actually help me with whatever I'm doing, but if it's something she'd rather not do, (ahem, scrub the bathroom floor) she mimes it. Ocasionally, this copying starts to get irritating, but for the most part it's amusing.

Abby kind of grumpy...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I'm still not going to admit that we're moving in November. I'll believe it when it starts to really happen. It seriously looks like Scott will be transferred to DC though. Scott and I always use if when talking about moving. "If we move..." Denial I guess. Or disbelief. Or hopeful thinking that Scott will find something before then. But, oh! The lure of more space! Closets! A washer/dryer in my house! Clean, worry-free grass! Space! Did I mention we're a family of five in a 2.5 bedroom apartment? Sure, we all fit and it's cozy and all, but there are times when I could use another bathroom or three. 

I'm starting to check out the homeschooling scene in MD and I took a gander at the laws. The laws are very different than NYC. School starts at five years in MD, not six. A portfolio of work has to be shown to some school related official twice a year. I want to talk to some other MD parents to see how this all actually works. In NYC, all I have to do is file quarterly reports and an end of year assessment. It looks like a lot on paper, but in reality, it's very easy to homeschool in NYC.

So, yeah. That's where we are. Chugging along letting this current take us where ever it goes. Hopefully it will leave us all in one piece and not shipwrecked.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tennis Lessons

They went great on Wednesday! Abby had no problems participating and, best of all, she had fun. She wants to take them again next summer. I tried to get a photo of her, but everytime I got my camera ready I would miss her.

I cleaned out my dresser drawers. I kept the maternity clothes that were still in good shape. My drawers are so empty! It's kinda sad that my whole wardrobe can fit in four small dresser drawers. One drawer for winter and one for summer and one for pants and skirts and one for random pjs and jogging clothes.

Penny started blowing raspberries! Adorable. I think she's using raspberries to signal for the potty. Two days now she's blown berries right before and during a potty break.

Photos- Penny in a bandana. Homeschooling. And Penny wearing Mamaroo pants, which I loooooove.