Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tennis Lessons

They went great on Wednesday! Abby had no problems participating and, best of all, she had fun. She wants to take them again next summer. I tried to get a photo of her, but everytime I got my camera ready I would miss her.

I cleaned out my dresser drawers. I kept the maternity clothes that were still in good shape. My drawers are so empty! It's kinda sad that my whole wardrobe can fit in four small dresser drawers. One drawer for winter and one for summer and one for pants and skirts and one for random pjs and jogging clothes.

Penny started blowing raspberries! Adorable. I think she's using raspberries to signal for the potty. Two days now she's blown berries right before and during a potty break.

Photos- Penny in a bandana. Homeschooling. And Penny wearing Mamaroo pants, which I loooooove.

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