Monday, August 15, 2011

There are two more lessons in Abby's grammer book. Yippee! We are on lesson 119 out of 132 math lessons. We started writing half way through the year, but we're on week 23 out of I think 42. So we're slowly, but surely, getting to the end of first grade.

Abby's reading improves sometimes by huge leaps and at other times, reeeally slooowly. There are days when I want to hire a tutor, but it has to click soon. She has to either read a Bob book or do a reading lesson everytime we do lessons. Plus, she has copywork to do for both grammer and writing, and she has to read me the sentences. And I've quit reading everything aloud for her. She's starting to read street and subway signs to me. Every night she looks at a book in bed before she falls asleep, and some nights I swear she's actually reading. It's amazing that she can do multiplication drill sheets like they're nothing, and struggle so much with reading. Anyways, if anyone has the third set of Bob books to unload by all means send them my way! 

Penny has been having some funky poos with blood for the past week. I've seen green breastmilk poo before. Vera had it a few times. But Penny's didn't have that brightness to it. It's been super dark green plus blood. The blood was bright red, which to me says fissure, but there's no obvious tears and Penny doesn't tend to have those super forceful newborn poos. Anyways, the ped's first reaction was a dairy sensitivity. So, I'll go off dairy and see if they go away. Otherwise, the ped seemed at a loss as to what's causing them.

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