Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Abby Turns Seven!

It's been an insane past couple of weeks. We've lived through an earthquake and a hurrcane within days of each other. We've got four days of our ten day Maryland adventure left. Plus Abby turned seven! A whirlwind I tell ya.

The girls and I felt the earthquake. We were on the second level of the library. The hanging lights were swaying and the old bookcases were creaking. They evacuated the building and the girls and I spent the rest of the afternoon at a nearby friend's house. Of course the earthquake hit before I could check out my books!

I honestly didn't know of the hurricane until the day before it was supposed to hit. We literally had no food in the house. So I panicked because everyone and their mother's mother were out clearing the stores of food and water. Then the city called for evacuations and, yeah, I was kind of nervous. More nervous about the half dead tree out front falling on our top floor apartment. The girls slept with me in my bed which is farthest from that tree and Scott slept in Vera's bed. We survived and ate fantastic snacks.

The girls and I left for Maryland the day before Abby's birthday. Since my mom had no power, we stayed with the inlaws until Sunday. Abby's picnic party was a success. I'm glad we had it at a park. Abby couldn't be happier surrounded by family (and cake!)

Abby wanted high tops for her birthday. When Scott came down to meet us in Maryland, we took her to the mall to pick out a pair of Chucks. She picked out a black pair and extra colored laces. Abby learned how to tie her shoes in less than a half hour! I thought for sure I would be tying up those laces for her! We also found a pair of English riding pants at a second hand shop that Abby's been wearing nonstop, only taking them off to wash. High tops and horseback riding pants. That's how my Abby rolls.

I've been dairy free for I think three weeks now. Penny's poos are still not quite normal and occasionally there's blood. I'm thinking when I get back home, I'll have to cut something else out.


Jac said...

Happy Birthday to Abby!!!! Wow - 7! And happy birthing day to you, Mama! You all look so happy in these shots - hope you're all well!

Amy D. said...

What is it with 7-year-olds and high tops? Riley wanted some too, but she ended up picking a pair of black chucks with long tongues LOL Happy birthday to Abby!