Monday, September 12, 2011

Scott and I sent in a request to get Abby evaluated for a learning disability. It's been one of those nagging kind of things, where you know in your gut something is not quite right but you keep on keeping on hoping it will go away but never does. There's learning disabilities in both of our families. Abby is still struggling with reading. This is going to be a loooong process. We have to wait 30-60 days for a date for the eval. From what I've heard, the wait list is enormous. If enrolling her in the school across the street would help her get tested and services sooner, I would do it.

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Amy D. said...

The school has 60 school days to complete the evaluation (not just give you a date) once you provide a written request for an evaluation. That's federal law. It doesn't matter if their waiting list is a million miles long, they have 60 school days. Period.