Monday, September 26, 2011

Waiting for Scott

Scott went out tonight to watch Monday Night Football. We don't have cable and Scott hasn't seen a football game on tv in a loooong time.

So I've modified the paleo diet a bit. The whole eat meat thing. sits funny with me, and we're not big meat eaters. I've changed it so it's basically our diet (whole foods) minus the gluten. I can't live without beans and rice. I like the paleo diet in theory, but in reality, the Earth and my wallet can't support a full blown, head first dive into paleo. But I like the caveman jokes and I like the way paleo rolls off the tongue. Did I mention Penny had her first normal poo in weeks this morning?

And that big white love muffin bunny is Halston. He's a young guy with lots of energy and l o v e. He snuggles! Marge isn't too into him yet. This love affair is going to need time and guidance.

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