Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're still stuck in limbo. No news on the moving front.

Since Penny was still having bloody poos, I went off gluten as well as dairy last week. It seems to be working! No blood for days! Last Tuesday, I had some beer forgetting beer is made from wheat (duh!) and Penny literally pooped a bubble of blood. Such a painful thing to see come out of a baby. No more gluten for me! After posting on facebook for cookbook rec's, I learned about the Paleo diet. It seems perfect for us. We're giving it a go this week. Scott and I can't help but crack jokes about living primal in a modern world. I do feel great. My body feels lighter and my mind clearer. Scott said he thinks Penny seems to be concentrating on things longer since I've stopped eating gluten.

To help Abby with her reading, we've been playing lots of games. Scavenger hunts, shopping lists, word of the day (a hit with both girls), etc. Our second grade books should arrive next week some time. Abby likes the math program at We got in on a deal with a huge group of other homeschoolers, so I couldn't pass it up. She seriously likes the badge awards, and I hate to say it, but the silly badges make her want to get the right answer which makes her try hard. So we'll use in addition to Saxon Math 3. Abby's working on grade 2 on, so the work is mostly review for her. 

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Bethany said...

So glad it's working! I went off gluten about 5 months ago, oopsed on beer, and passed a load of blood myself, scary stuff! Went off dairy for the last 2 weeks too, but felt no changes and had a bit today to see what happens, so far so good. Oh, and we kind of live on rice/beans and i couldn't go off that entirely to meat either. been budgeting for a bit more of it, but certainly not as the only protein source!