Monday, October 31, 2011

Packing and house hunting

Packing is coming along nicely. It's a good thing I saved all those Fresh Direct boxes! I need some bigger boxes for the kitchen though. Vera is constantly concerned I'm shipping whatever I'm packing at the moment, and it will be gone for good. There's been much reassurance.
House hunting hasn't been going as well. No one has been returning my emails and when I do get a live person on the phone, they want me to see the place in person and then pick up an application or whatever. I was thinking of going down to MD to view houses, but the more I think about dragging the girls down, the more I think Scott should go down for the weekend instead. (Hint, hint) Maybe he'll take Abby. Anyways, there's a few places I hope will work out.
Halloween was low key. Abby was Katara and Vera was a girl airbender avatar from Avatar, The Last Airbender the animated series. Super easy costumes and the girls had fun making them this morning and playing in them all night. Abby had the brillant idea of using a blue silk to use as water to 'bend'. Katara always has a small bag of water with her, so Abby put the blue silk in a purse. Vera used a rainbow colored silk as air the 'bend' and kept it in a purse too. Because Abby was terrified of all the scarier masks, the girls didn't do much trick or treating.
I hope these photos post ok. It's hard to get them positioned right when I'm using the Blogger app.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Official

We're really moving to DC. For real. It's happening. I'd like to get us out of here by the end of November since Scott has to start work November 30th.
I'm excited, nervous, sad, and impatient to get things rolling.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day One of Super Busy Week

Today went smoothly. Abby got up all on her own and ate breakfast and read comic books until she heard Vera wake up. I have no idea how long she was up before me. The younger ones and I slept until 8:45!

Maybe I'm nuts, but I've noticed something. The girls have been eating pretty much what I eat during the week, which is gluten, dairy, legume free. Abby hasn't changed. Vera on the other hand, seems to be less intense. So last friday we ate at the bagel place down the block. Abby and I had salads, but Vera wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. That afternoon she honestly looked like I had drugged her. She cried and complained and refused to walk. Finally, she past out for a nap in the stroller. That evening it was tantrum after tantrum. Vera also peed her pants that evening. Saturday, she had dumplings for dinner. Sunday morning she wet the bed and was grumpy and her temper was short. I'm going to keep my eye on her. Could gluten have been the cause of her colic?

Vera asked if her birthday was near. When I said it's getting closer, she told me she wanted a bottle of honey for her birthday. :)

Abby had her spelling pretest today. She spelled 'hot' 'hat'. Pit was pto. Hook was the only one that resembled the actual word, hck. There's only six words. The others she didn't really try, but she kept spelling the words like this: first letter, last letter, then middle letter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things are moving

Scott is going down to DC next week to see the property and meet the staff. I'm just a bit nervous to be on my own for multiple nights, preparing dinner is always hard.
Anyways, I hope once we get past next week we can start phase one of moving- deciding how exactly we're going to move and where.
So Penny went a nice stretch of time without any blood, and this week it's back again. Her dr confirmed her poo still has blood with a test. I have to call the gastro dr tomorrow to make her an appointment. I'm sure it's food related. The next food to take out is legumes (soy, beans, and peanuts). Try for a good solid three weeks and see where we are. I had a ton of beans and peanut butter this week. Once I get her to baseline, I'll try adding foods back in. I don't think I'll go back to eating gluten anytime soon. I feel good/clear since I've stopped eating it. I do want to get this figured out before we move.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving date?

Supposedly Scott's moving date is November 1st. Now we have to start discussing logistics of the move. It's tough and tight. Anyone have any tips for a super cheap move? I'm assuming the girls and I will stay the month of November to pack and move to MD in December. We'll need a car. We need to find a town/place to live. And everytime I look at the rents in MD, I just get depressed. They are no less than Brooklyn. What the hell?! I really really really do not want to move from one tiny apartment into another tiny apartment. That thought makes me want to cry. I need to search for a nice quiet place where we can have at least a small townhouse with a yard.

To end on a happy note, here's a photo of Penny in the swing at the park...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dairy Free and Gluten Free

So, I did a dairy trial. I had some ice cream. And Penny had blood in her poo. We'll be dairy and gluten free for good. I'm not too sure where to go from here. I guess when Penny's around three years or so, we'll do a trial and see what happens. Weird thing is I'm not craving sweets anymore. Whenever I cut dairy out in the past, I would crave baked sweet things. Since I've been gluten free, I've had no cravings and I've been feeling better in general. Stronger. Clearer. My biggest issue right now, is what to make for lunches...

It feels like Abby's making some progress on the reading issue. There's been small moments where Abby has surprised me by reading something, like a sign or label. We both enjoy those moments. Abby had her eyes examined and they are perfect. No problems. She was terrified of the machines, and kept refusing to sit in the exam chair and crying. I tried compassion, bribes, talking reason. Nothing was calming her down. Finally, I said, Look at me. You WILL sit and do what needs to be done to have your eyes checked. You need to stop crying and finish this. That seemed to shake her out of the anxiety she was feeling. Man! I was not about to call it quits. This was our second attempt already!  And this anxiety she feels whenever she feels she has to perform is a new thing. I'm not that good at dealing with it, but I try.

Oh! And since Penny has been gluten free, her pees/poos have decreased in frequency. She's back to just one or two poos a day. She was pooing nearly everytime she peed!

All the school books arrived! Vera is very excited to start her handwriting book. She's been pointing out A's and V's where ever she sees them. A for Abby. V for Vera.

For my rabbit people, I started a tumblr blog about Marge and Halston's bonding. Here. Halston is a real mush ball. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a quickie

I took Abby to the Kumon center near us. She did about three pages of the placement test before she started crying. She said she couldn't read the instructions and she was too embarassed to ask for help. The teacher told Abby at the beginning to please ask if she needed help, so help was there. What Abby did do of the test kind of surprised me. She knew a lot more than she's been letting on. I wish she finished it. It was second grade level. The teacher there wants to start her in Kumon Jr to help boost her self confidence and I agree. I hope we can enroll her, but we have to get a sure answer about this moving situation before I can commit us to it. I think it will really help get her to grade level.

Penny's turning into an older baby every day. Time really does move faster with each kid. The weeks zip past. I force myself to stop and tell myself I have to remember this! The feelings, the sights, the smells. This is my life passing! My girls are growing up right before me! Blink and they are another day older.

Vera's going through another little rough patch. Lots of whining, screaming, bed wetting and accidents. Three and a half is such a hard age. I hope we can all make it through intact.