Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dairy Free and Gluten Free

So, I did a dairy trial. I had some ice cream. And Penny had blood in her poo. We'll be dairy and gluten free for good. I'm not too sure where to go from here. I guess when Penny's around three years or so, we'll do a trial and see what happens. Weird thing is I'm not craving sweets anymore. Whenever I cut dairy out in the past, I would crave baked sweet things. Since I've been gluten free, I've had no cravings and I've been feeling better in general. Stronger. Clearer. My biggest issue right now, is what to make for lunches...

It feels like Abby's making some progress on the reading issue. There's been small moments where Abby has surprised me by reading something, like a sign or label. We both enjoy those moments. Abby had her eyes examined and they are perfect. No problems. She was terrified of the machines, and kept refusing to sit in the exam chair and crying. I tried compassion, bribes, talking reason. Nothing was calming her down. Finally, I said, Look at me. You WILL sit and do what needs to be done to have your eyes checked. You need to stop crying and finish this. That seemed to shake her out of the anxiety she was feeling. Man! I was not about to call it quits. This was our second attempt already!  And this anxiety she feels whenever she feels she has to perform is a new thing. I'm not that good at dealing with it, but I try.

Oh! And since Penny has been gluten free, her pees/poos have decreased in frequency. She's back to just one or two poos a day. She was pooing nearly everytime she peed!

All the school books arrived! Vera is very excited to start her handwriting book. She's been pointing out A's and V's where ever she sees them. A for Abby. V for Vera.

For my rabbit people, I started a tumblr blog about Marge and Halston's bonding. Here. Halston is a real mush ball. :)

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