Monday, October 24, 2011

Day One of Super Busy Week

Today went smoothly. Abby got up all on her own and ate breakfast and read comic books until she heard Vera wake up. I have no idea how long she was up before me. The younger ones and I slept until 8:45!

Maybe I'm nuts, but I've noticed something. The girls have been eating pretty much what I eat during the week, which is gluten, dairy, legume free. Abby hasn't changed. Vera on the other hand, seems to be less intense. So last friday we ate at the bagel place down the block. Abby and I had salads, but Vera wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. That afternoon she honestly looked like I had drugged her. She cried and complained and refused to walk. Finally, she past out for a nap in the stroller. That evening it was tantrum after tantrum. Vera also peed her pants that evening. Saturday, she had dumplings for dinner. Sunday morning she wet the bed and was grumpy and her temper was short. I'm going to keep my eye on her. Could gluten have been the cause of her colic?

Vera asked if her birthday was near. When I said it's getting closer, she told me she wanted a bottle of honey for her birthday. :)

Abby had her spelling pretest today. She spelled 'hot' 'hat'. Pit was pto. Hook was the only one that resembled the actual word, hck. There's only six words. The others she didn't really try, but she kept spelling the words like this: first letter, last letter, then middle letter.

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