Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a quickie

I took Abby to the Kumon center near us. She did about three pages of the placement test before she started crying. She said she couldn't read the instructions and she was too embarassed to ask for help. The teacher told Abby at the beginning to please ask if she needed help, so help was there. What Abby did do of the test kind of surprised me. She knew a lot more than she's been letting on. I wish she finished it. It was second grade level. The teacher there wants to start her in Kumon Jr to help boost her self confidence and I agree. I hope we can enroll her, but we have to get a sure answer about this moving situation before I can commit us to it. I think it will really help get her to grade level.

Penny's turning into an older baby every day. Time really does move faster with each kid. The weeks zip past. I force myself to stop and tell myself I have to remember this! The feelings, the sights, the smells. This is my life passing! My girls are growing up right before me! Blink and they are another day older.

Vera's going through another little rough patch. Lots of whining, screaming, bed wetting and accidents. Three and a half is such a hard age. I hope we can all make it through intact. 

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