Monday, October 31, 2011

Packing and house hunting

Packing is coming along nicely. It's a good thing I saved all those Fresh Direct boxes! I need some bigger boxes for the kitchen though. Vera is constantly concerned I'm shipping whatever I'm packing at the moment, and it will be gone for good. There's been much reassurance.
House hunting hasn't been going as well. No one has been returning my emails and when I do get a live person on the phone, they want me to see the place in person and then pick up an application or whatever. I was thinking of going down to MD to view houses, but the more I think about dragging the girls down, the more I think Scott should go down for the weekend instead. (Hint, hint) Maybe he'll take Abby. Anyways, there's a few places I hope will work out.
Halloween was low key. Abby was Katara and Vera was a girl airbender avatar from Avatar, The Last Airbender the animated series. Super easy costumes and the girls had fun making them this morning and playing in them all night. Abby had the brillant idea of using a blue silk to use as water to 'bend'. Katara always has a small bag of water with her, so Abby put the blue silk in a purse. Vera used a rainbow colored silk as air the 'bend' and kept it in a purse too. Because Abby was terrified of all the scarier masks, the girls didn't do much trick or treating.
I hope these photos post ok. It's hard to get them positioned right when I'm using the Blogger app.

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Jennifer said...

Check out the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents, NAEBA. Their website is NAEBA.Org. They primarily help home buyers, but there may be some who can help you with rentals as well. Good luck with your move, I hope you'll keep posting!