Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things are moving

Scott is going down to DC next week to see the property and meet the staff. I'm just a bit nervous to be on my own for multiple nights, preparing dinner is always hard.
Anyways, I hope once we get past next week we can start phase one of moving- deciding how exactly we're going to move and where.
So Penny went a nice stretch of time without any blood, and this week it's back again. Her dr confirmed her poo still has blood with a test. I have to call the gastro dr tomorrow to make her an appointment. I'm sure it's food related. The next food to take out is legumes (soy, beans, and peanuts). Try for a good solid three weeks and see where we are. I had a ton of beans and peanut butter this week. Once I get her to baseline, I'll try adding foods back in. I don't think I'll go back to eating gluten anytime soon. I feel good/clear since I've stopped eating it. I do want to get this figured out before we move.

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