Friday, November 25, 2011

Phase Two

We're on phase two of our moving plan. Scott went down to MD this afternoon, and he'll be there until the 29th. The girls and I will finish packing and get things ready for our move on the 30th. Everything that can be taken apart has been disassembled. We're sleeping in the front room with our mattresses on the floor. (And to those who sleep with mattresses on the floor, how do you do it? I'm weirded out having my bedding on the floor. You never know when a mouse or bug may crawl over ya. Maybe I'm paranoid. Oh, and the kids constantly walk on the beds tracking whatever random thing was stuck to their feet across the bedding.)

Penny is a crawler! Everyday she can crawl longer and her balance gets better. Today she pulled up to standing using the couch. Penny was fine until she let go and fell sideways, giving herself one nasty bump on her forehead. The kid isn't even seven months!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I do not feel like typing out the whole housing nightmare mess on my phone. Let's just say my stomach was in knots and I was ready to start chopping heads. After all the dust settled, we have a house to live in. In Baltimore. Baltimore was not my first choice. But we have a three bedroom townhouse with a backyard. I don't know how long we're going to be there since Scott will most likely end up in Pentagon City within a year.

Penny started signing this week. She's done 'potty', 'bunny' and she's clapping. The best thing is when Penny babbles. It makes my day. There's tons of ba ba ba's, ma ma ma's, and mumumumum's. Then there is 'aaaaba', which means Abby. I keep trying to get her to say Abby on video, but everytime I pull out my phone to film her, she stops. Penny is so close to crawling, it's crazy. She can get up on her hands and knees and rock. Today was the first time Penny went from laying on her belly to sitting up. This kid is a force of nature.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Counting Down

Our move is quickly approaching. I started to pack the kitchen, but I may leave it for Scott. It's a beast. Tomorrow after lessons and lunch, I want to go through our junk drawer and pack up the baker's table as best I can.
Abby wrote a book on her own and Vera illustrated it. Abby was proud! It was totally backwards, but everything was spelled correctly. :) I feel like Abby has taken another small step forward with reading.
Penny saw the pediatric gastrologist on Monday. He found hemroids and a tear. He suggested Desitin (yuck!) and to continue with my diet until the hemroid clears up. Once it's healed, I can try to reintroduce foods and see what she reacts to. I started using the Bum Bum Balm on Penny, which has a base of coconut oil, and rinsing her bum with warm water after every poo. I also gave her a soak in a weak bath of Angel Baby Earth Mama postnatal bath herbs Monday night. Her poor bum was irritated from the exam.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodbye Long Hair

I got my hair cut today. First time in a loooong time, and my hair desperately needed a cut. A good friend made an appointment with Lucas Radcliffe, who makes house calls, to come to her house. We both got amazing cuts. It was a fun time and the kids played all day.
Scott and I are having horrible luck finding a house. We're on to plan B. Scott goes to MD to work and search for a house. The girls and I are going up to Maine to stay with my father and Amy until either Scott finds a house or the holidays come.
Never ever again will I go off my diet. Poor Penny was up crying all last night. The night before she was restless, but last night was full on crying, the colic cry. She woke up in tears around 1:30. I took a warm bath with her (that always seemed to help Vera), and she calmed down. Then I nursed her to sleep in the wrap. Penny spent most of the night sleeping on her belly. Today, she seems better. No more Halloween Reeces Cups for me!
Oh, and we also microwaved halloween candy, and boiled it, and soaked it in water or vinegar. The house was stinky!
There's Vera playing with L.