Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Counting Down

Our move is quickly approaching. I started to pack the kitchen, but I may leave it for Scott. It's a beast. Tomorrow after lessons and lunch, I want to go through our junk drawer and pack up the baker's table as best I can.
Abby wrote a book on her own and Vera illustrated it. Abby was proud! It was totally backwards, but everything was spelled correctly. :) I feel like Abby has taken another small step forward with reading.
Penny saw the pediatric gastrologist on Monday. He found hemroids and a tear. He suggested Desitin (yuck!) and to continue with my diet until the hemroid clears up. Once it's healed, I can try to reintroduce foods and see what she reacts to. I started using the Bum Bum Balm on Penny, which has a base of coconut oil, and rinsing her bum with warm water after every poo. I also gave her a soak in a weak bath of Angel Baby Earth Mama postnatal bath herbs Monday night. Her poor bum was irritated from the exam.

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