Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodbye Long Hair

I got my hair cut today. First time in a loooong time, and my hair desperately needed a cut. A good friend made an appointment with Lucas Radcliffe, who makes house calls, to come to her house. We both got amazing cuts. It was a fun time and the kids played all day.
Scott and I are having horrible luck finding a house. We're on to plan B. Scott goes to MD to work and search for a house. The girls and I are going up to Maine to stay with my father and Amy until either Scott finds a house or the holidays come.
Never ever again will I go off my diet. Poor Penny was up crying all last night. The night before she was restless, but last night was full on crying, the colic cry. She woke up in tears around 1:30. I took a warm bath with her (that always seemed to help Vera), and she calmed down. Then I nursed her to sleep in the wrap. Penny spent most of the night sleeping on her belly. Today, she seems better. No more Halloween Reeces Cups for me!
Oh, and we also microwaved halloween candy, and boiled it, and soaked it in water or vinegar. The house was stinky!
There's Vera playing with L.

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